3 Day Trip to Osaka & Nara | JAPAN Vlog

Hey everyone! I recently went to Osaka and Nara on a trip! I show you places to sightsee, eat and have fun! Hope you guys like this travel vlog!

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Thank you SO much to Scott for helping me film a lot of the clips in this video!

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Monika Tang says:

Beautiful video ! Can’t wait for the Kyoto video

Virginia Hayley says:

more food reviews please!

John Tan says:

I will go back to Osaka just for yashichi ramen with extra meat

Hussnain Zafar says:

soooooooo cute ….great effort great work ….GOD BLESS you

sherly stephanie says:

OMG you’re with Stella Lee? Or is it my eyes are playing tricks on me?

I’m going to Osaka on October, I really really want to go to the Deer Park. Definitely going to see Glico Man! I’m still looking up for which transportation we should take from Kansai Airport to Namba area because we booked our airbnb in Namba area, since it’s much cheaper than the ones in Dotonbori area.

Hajime Mashite says:

Dao-chan so cute:)

Nash de Castro says:

Hi kim…great vlogs 🙂
what train ticket(s) did you purchase? And how much was it?

blacklizted says:

so beautiful <3<3<3

Xanne says:

I’m going Osaka next Friday! Thanks for the vid is really helpful❤️ looking forward to the next video 🙂

Brigitte Bosshardt says:

Your videos are amazing! I found you from your recent Tokyo things to do video. 🙂

KotaBro says:

Haha that was great! I actually just started doing pranks/social experiments too. I hope I can be as good as you one day!

Michelle Zamora says:

This is just cheesy commercial

Andrew Gamez says:

Love this video. Very good. I’m going I September for my third time and I think I’ll go here and visit. Will be there for 3 or 4 days. I’ve been there once (twice in a few weeks) but only had the opportunity to see limited stuff due to my flight connection and overnight stay.

Boxer Blake says:

Will be our first time in Osaka in September. Were going to go last trip, but there’s so much to do in Japan that it’s easy to get burned out. Had to cancel to relax.

D says:

I honestly remember walking by her in Shinshibashi. I know that sounds insane because there is literally zillions of people. But her blonde friend was really loud. That is a fact. lol

M.A. says:

Oh dear

Ms G says:

Omg kim now i want my honeymoon to be in japan hahaahha… time to save up for like the next 5 years

An Osigan says:

We would like to go to Japan would you recommend Osaka or Tokyo?

littlewazzie says:

Great video! Could you tell us where you had all your meals?? Couldn’t do without good food!!

Noviana Elisabeth says:

All things you ate looks so delicious! They made me hungry :'(

Anisha Rahman Lia says:

Hey could you do what’s trendy fashion at japan this year??

crandom0115 says:

2:04 Major tracks!

sexy korean girl says:

that fur coat 😀

shopanonymous says:

This is SUCH a well done video. I love watching your channel as I prepare for my trip to Japan!

Fidelia Senjaya says:

Hi, I’m sorry to ask a question unrelated to the video.. but I’ll be living in Tokyo as an exchange student for 4 month.. I see you travel a lot to Japan, can you (or anyone) tell me what mobile data is good and cheap that I can use? And also do people usually buy the data plan prior or at arrival in Japan? Thank you.. 🙂 Btw your videos give me so much Japan related information, keep it up!

くま says:


VicAnthropy says:

It just popped in my head that Kim would look so cute with a bob and a slightly off center hair part. Random thought!

Kurome says:


ThatsYoshi says:

Now I’m really excited about my Trip to Japan *-* This is awesome :3 Going to Japan in July 🙂 Thanks for the nice video!

Flaka8807 says:

That’s the kind of videos that I want to see…

tobytomic says:

What is the back ground song at 9:21 please ?

The Little Wanderer says:

Considering Osaka castle is a reconstruction I heard it isn’t worth spending the money to go inside as its all concrete. Better to take the trip out to Himeji to see an original one that is still standing!

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