48 hours in Hokkaido | Road Trip Across Japan

Let’s discover Hokkaido by hopping in a car and going on a road trip across its stunning landscape.
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COLLABERATORZ Sean Huang says:

11:30 Does anyone know the exact location of that hot spring? Thanks. Love these videos.

TheBeccabus says:

What time of year is this?

Dylan L says:

So a white guy bought corn, a bunch of Chinese guy followed …

peko peko says:

I was thinking exactly Chris….there’s no lavender field in the middle of winter, lol

seeyouspacecowboy14 says:

This camera man was unlikable, it felt less personal without Ryotaro, I felt you also didn’t care for him so the chemistry was off

Tony Teh says:

What happened to the Natsuki London film?

tez says:


TubbsTheCat says:

this feels like it should be on TV

Linsey says:

My dude, nice production quality

Todd Boothbee says:

Very, very soon now, you’ll reach 1 million subscribers. Easy prediction, that.

Henk says:

wow, best conclusion 😀

kobiban says:

You should’ve gone to Sweden Hills in Hokkaido! It’s a village built to look exactly like it does over here in Sweden, very interesting. They even take it as far as celebrating swedish midsummer with authentic Swedish attire.

Meianju Naihatsu says:

That wood village actually reminds me of Switzerlands mountain villages

Crystallized Silver says:

There’s seriously more snow in this video than I’ve seen in the 12 years I’ve lived in the state of Texas, and it makes me glad that Hokkaido is the part of Japan I want to live in the most

freedomowns says:

Chris, how do i know my driver’s licence is international?

A. Villain says:

That Amurica cap is fun.

Luke Norvell says:

17:02 a meme is born

Metaforically Speaking says:

he needs to improve on his American accent ;P

Michael Poulin says:

ok you have to share were to find the recipe of the baked milk drink?

Meianju Naihatsu says:

It’s more about the journey than the destination XD hahaha

Ryan S says:

I must say I don’t enjoy this style of video as much as the more casual and playful adventures in Japan, but still great as always.

ChakRaLight says:

Great video Chris…
What the hell`s happened to “Nutsuki the Movie” though…??

Leigh Burke Project says:

That thumbnail looks like Ningle Terrace!

Todd Boothbee says:

Chris, you’re one super slick operator. Great editing…you could make a living at this.

Deirdre Mason says:

You picked up that glove. Lol

Alexia Praks says:

Can’t stop grinning and at times laughing out loud. You both are so funny.

Eric Lin says:

Abroad in Japan, A Broad in Japan…how did I figure this out only just now?

Dylan L says:

caution lighting, what does it mean? turn on your fog lights or something?

Jason Houliston says:

Thank you for yet another awesome video. I live my Japanese dreams vicariously through your channel.
I moved to Korea in 2011, in hope of visiting Japan often. After 5 years, I left Korea having never making it to Japan. Not even once. Let’s just say that studying at a Korean university can be both time-consuming and expensive.

Mike Wazowski says:

$160 for toll roads???????

Apotacyll says:

name of song @ 18:22 ?

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