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In this three part mini-series we will be taking a seven day trip starting in Tokyo and ending Kyoto along Japan’s New Golden Route. In this video, episode one, we will depart from Tokyo, see a railway museum in Saitama, spend a night at charming Ikaho Onsen, and visit the legendary bathing monkeys in Nagano.

Episode two will be released on October 1, 2018 and episode three on October 31, 2018.

– Video Credits –
Host and Narrator: Sam Evans
Videographer: Charles Sabas
Producers: Sam Evans, Stefan Schauwecker & Export Japan


Power Couple Life says:

Love your videos! Subscribed! <3

shermich90 says:

Wow that was great! Looking forward to the next 2 episodes!

Katalyst says:

alll SssssssSSSssssSSsssS making me ears bleed

Sébastien Lemarquis says:

The videos are so good and beautiful it’s like there is a full NHK team with you to shoot them 🙂
A bit too polished and promotional for my taste (are these vids sponsored?) but great info nonetheless. Excellent job. +

Gil Goldshlager says:

Nice! waiting for the next episodes 🙂

Noah III says:

This is awesome thank you for this. My girlfriend and I are going to Japan in April for 3 weeks, our plan is to go to Tokyo, Hakone, Osaka and Kyoto. We were going to just go straight there via train or flight but now that you’ve shown a new way to get there I’m going to plan to go this route! Thank you!

Lin Bluearrow / Music Channel says:

japan-guide.com Good video. Thumbs up 550.

tez says:

日本を紹介してくれてThank You!!

nowrd2xpln says:

Great job on the video editing! Very short, concise, and really easy to digest. Plus it’s not the typical Tourist route

TheBaldr says:

I’m not to enthusiastic about the itinerary. Both the monkey part and train museum seem pretty similar to the ones in Kyoto. With the luxurious ryokans in Kyoto, seems like your just wasting your days traveling by train. *Edit: Actually the Kyoto railway museum is larger than the one on Saitama.

Tolmekian says:

I hope you visited the aquarium in Niigata, absolutely loved it, had few people compared to Okinawa’s so you can really take your time and enjoy everything.

Hoan Ly says:

Amazing. Looking forward to your next video. Thank you

Karedras says:

Thank you so much for your ever inspired trip highlights! Onsen towns are the apex of the Japanese leisure culture for me, and with Ikaho and Shibu you give a great glimpse of what a top rank onsen experience is all about. I can’t wait to visit these places. 🙂

Arjun Pramod says:

Wow. So much content, details and very informative.

MsSayaB says:

i really love this video. this golden route is amazing and something different. looking forward to the next episode.

Jay's Atelier Photography says:

Well done! Loe the cinematography and the way you frame your shots! Please keep it up we need more of this. Love how you taking your camera to the onsen 🙂

Bumble Bee says:

Beautiful. I know my adventure in Japan is not over yet.

andre matias says:

Great video, but, isn’t that a little bit rushed? I mean… It is a lot to see in such a small amount of time.

Robert Nilsson says:

Great video! Its giving me awesome motivation to go on my third trip there! Looking forward to episode 2!

Belly Bell says:

So much in-love with Japan!!!
What a lovely country

Jonas H. Assmann says:

Love your videos! Can’t wait for the next. Keep up the amazing work guys. Greetings from Hamburg, Germany

Shigeki Nakayama 中山繁樹 says:

really nice ! 🙂

Robert Fung says:

Great info,

Boxer Blake says:

Very excited to visit again. Interesting route you took. Thank you for the video!

Deffenerst says:

A great way to explore unpopular side of Japan, many people rush to Kyoto leaving aside some interesting prefectures

M Turkistani says:


Pudgy Pudge says:

what an annoying voice…yuk

ramón says:

Thanks for this great tip! Just booked the pass. Now, please release the next episode 😉

GaryLeeJune says:

Thank you. I can’t wait for episode II.

Elaine Osborne says:

Great video and information, I’d really love to do this trip one day!

dardavdan says:

Can’t wait for the next episode! Great Series!

Mario Guimarães says:

Amazing video! Now I want to do this route, with all the stops included.

Agigi PS says:

Ζηλεύω ζηλεύω ζηλεύω.. <3

gilang dyah ayu farradila says:

im in japan now it help me

ruangoto says:

I guess you spent very short time in every place you have visited

Dlb says:

Great content guys!!!!

debdssssss says:


SpookyGhostist says:

Thanks for video

KappaChino says:

Great as always, only thing missing is Andrews amazing voice :p

ともたむgdtbi says:

Love it ^^

Sudhi Achar says:

excellent video, buddy! great explanation and visualization!

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