A Day Trip in Atami, Japan

Atami is a fun day-trip from Tokyo. It’s only an hour by shinkansen (bullet train) and there are TONS of things to do – not to mention all the wonderful hot springs.

I did a whole video on Kinomiya shrine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dDn5_QQ95Q

If you’re bored in Tokyo this fall/winter, check out Atami!

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Mason West says:

The impossibility of finding an open restaurant when you needed one most have me an eerie sense of deja vu. I’m pretty sure I had an analogous experience in S Korea somewhere. That was an interesting town. I hope you visit again soon.

Pinkishfiend says:

Atami is so beautiful! I hope I will be able to visit during my stay.

Miwa Uno says:

Grace watching this video just makes me wanna give you a hug!! :’D
great place thoguh

Cyn BatTrube says:

Most of your traveling videos are so relaxing for some reason and sometimes watching them before bed helps me to relax… Promise I’m not being a creeper, just being honest…

Sharif Sircar says:

That view is just amazing!

Angelus D. Kaiser says:

I’ve read some of your blog posts and they’re really wonderful. I always been so curious to know what books captivated you on those posts or what comics you like to read. I have winter break coming soon and would love to get some new reading material. If you ever have the time, I would love to know! Thank you and keep up with the awesome videos! =D

Chey's Shows says:

Beautiful video! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 I guess I have another place to put on my bucket list.

Stephanie Keith says:

Woah those Cicadas were loud. 😀

Jessa Duke says:

Wow! Atami is breathtaking!

Carmendee says:

I love these travel videos with the shrines and the moody scenery.

HippoFeet shoes says:

I would love to visit Japan one day , looks awesome! Thank you for the good videos

S.T. kao says:

i was really surprised to find that outside the major cities in japan, there really arent that many people. pretty deserted

Stephanie Keith says:

What a peaceful place.

Hanna Gonzalez says:

i love japan’s mix of greenery and buildings ^^ so pretty!

Alma Deckard says:

Have a great flight!

Emma Elizabeth says:

Looks gorgeous!! There really is a certain charm to the slightly abandoned areas here in Japan, especially in the rain. What a lovely trip!

Lisa Sometimes says:

Really love your travel videos. 🙂 Atami seems like a lovely, peaceful place.

Daya Ryelle-Remar says:

Wow, what a different atmosphere with the mist and no Ryo-kun!

I was keen to check out this video because Lesley Downer mentions it in her geisha book…you should definitely go back sometime and show us more!

Ai Kusayanagi says:

I went there two years ago definitely a good hot springs place

sab00001 says:

There was lots of Hihou-kan(秘宝館) in Japan about thirty years ago.
But now only two Hihou-kan remained because it lost popularity.
Atami has one of it’s.

usermissing says:

nice channel glad i found it subbed

silverDude20 says:

what is this music style called?

Miguel Gonzalez says:

You forgot to mention that the ‘inappropriate’ adult museum is also super expensive. It was 1200 yen, which is ridiculous when you think that most castles, museums and temples are between 500 and 800 yen.

Bill23799 says:

Wishing Grace and Ryosuke safe travel to Auustin, tx .
Happy Thanksgiving to them and their family.

Jose Salazar says:

what a beautiful view 3:40

ミリ says:

The food you were eating looked sooo good. Made me hungry. X3

Christina Young says:

I have a question. Would it be considered rude to not eat all the food on your plate at a restaurant? Thanks!

toomanythings says:

OH Grace, this was lovely. The rain, the misty clouds, and nice choice of music too. I was utterly transported, just a relaxed lump watching this, and I only wish this were an hour longer.

Katie Saldivar says:

i love your videos Grace! they are awesome! you rock!

Emmanuel Santos says:

Hi Grace and Ryosuke , visit this amazing Inn in Atami https://www.facebook.com/hatago.shouhaku/?fref=ts they have the most amazing and relaxing hot spring bath would love to know what you think of it.

Megan O says:

is this the same trip you took from your comic of the guys asking you to take a photo of them? i literally just re-read it and saw this video posted! lol

Hannah Newell says:


popcornshower says:

We tried living in Atami (Sakura-cho) but it didn’t work for us. Back then, it offered a few more things for kids but when we went back to try a second time, many things were taken away. It’s nice but I definitely am glad we don’t live there.

wheeler1 says:

I guess no one eats during the day in Japan? lol

Aneta Isabella says:

this is GORGEOUS. reminds me so much of sprited away in the beginning, the abandoned theme park. this looks so beautiful. i cannot wait to be there one day. thank you for sharing as usual grace! <3

Charlyjapan says:

Awesome Footage!! Loved it! 😀 😀

Miguel Gonzalez says:

I was there last week. The coastline is AMAZING, right where they built the luxury hotels. You can access certain areas of the cliffs and it’s unbelievably beautiful! I recommend you WALK to the castle rather than take a bus or the ropeway. You can walk it even though it’s a bit challenging as it’s uphill.

Ashish Jena says:

Hope someday I will travel the world solo. Stay in a small, quiet and beautiful town in a country whose language i don’t speak for couple of weeks and just be free. 😀

Juliana P says:

They mention this town in Only Yesterday by Ghibli!

TheDrakon says:

Huh they paint the speed limit on the roads instead of having signs for it like here.

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