a very therapeutic trip in JAPAN TRAVEL vlog! | Disney Sea


I edited this video a while back and forgot all about it so I thought I’d share the fun I had in Japan with you guys !


yjhm yhj says:

sooo aesthetic … love Karen X Japan

Flor Hernandez says:

What’s the name of the song and artist?!?

Melissa says:

Anyone know that name of the song playing at 1:16?


I had this vlog edited and forgot ALL about it. It’s so cute I still wanted to share it. For my next video, can you vote which I should upload first?
1) How to build an outfit 101!
2) Closet Tour!

Hailey Kammerer says:

@IAMKARENO What did you use to edit this vlog?

Ana Trujillo says:

That Mexican food thooo

Anna kuorikoski says:

UUH I want to go to Japan so bad right now xDd<3

Maymay Pat says:

I am so happy to see you having a good time. Also now this place is going in my bucket list!

Alice Morgan says:

What song is this? X

cup of tea with dreams says:

I want to go to Japan purely for the disneyland attractions!! There’s so much to see but I love everything disney

Kassidy Lundy says:

Hey Karen! Nice video 🙂 do you speak Japanese?

Jaden Vanilla says:

can you do a video on this makeup look its so cute

Ly Angel says:

You look so happy which made me smile throughout this entire vlog bc you deserve it so much Karen. Also, I would looove a closet tour xx

ibsio says:

I love Japan. I can’t wait until I go there this summer!! Disregarding the high prices, it is the best country to visit, by far.

John M says:

you’re so pretty

Eliz :0 says:

I love these kinds of vids uwu

Kathy says:

whats the title of the song 1:16


Awesomeee! Wanna go there as well 🙂

Chantelle Celeste says:

why did this vlog make me teary eyed? i’ve always wanted to visit japan and go to a disneyland / disneysea wah i am so jealous! so glad you had fun Karen

ᄉ하하니 says:

My wig got snatched

Nicole Marie says:

It looks like you had a really great time in Japan!!

Ellie F says:

You are so gorgeous!!

Morgan Cozine says:

Dang what is this song

Haruhi says:

Man this reminded me of when I went during Halloween. I was waiting in line for Journey to the centre of the earth and I think it had been about half an hour? And we got pretty far before I suddenly got lightheaded and felt like passing out, because it was just warm and I was surrounded by people I felt kind of claustrophobic and just?? Tired from standing for so long. So we started running back to try and get outside but I collapsed half way back and this man was asking me if I was alright in Japanese then English then japanese again. Bless him.

Ullahushi Lovsness says:

I love Leo’s hair!

Usfoods72 says:

HI Karen, Look at my yummy sweets channel 🙂 Please subscribe and share with me if you like… Thank you Karen. Your friend in France Fabrice.

peachgirl says:

you seem so happy in this like a little kid haha it made me feel happy too ☺️

Gabrielle Calara says:

this made me so nostalgic of my japan trip!!! i hope you had fun in your trip ahhh

Jeneva Villasana says:

2:30 the japaneese guy trying to say “santa lucia” but saying “santa luchia” instead >w< cuute

blue perry says:

She always has the right song

OhMyStress says:

i love the film-effect that’s what attracted me to the video (and i definitely did NOT regret watching it),, how did u do it tho

alyssa says:

LOOOVEE your makeup here!

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