AKIHABARA ANIME AND ARCADE HEAVEN – Japan Trip Vlog #2 MikeDasProfessor

We check out Akihabara and fall in love with it, It’s like comic con everywhere! Find our first Initial D arcade machines and have epic battles, there’s an owl, we ate amazing ramen and struck sick poses!


Jordon Provost says:

2,000th view! love tha vid

Cream Team says:

Love the Video especially how well you’ve edited it! Keep it up Man!

megaman jr says:

welcome to japan

rebecca finn says:

*sees corgi * this is my kind of video

Man Spider says:


MRUNKNOWNGAMER Goldhouse says:

Seeing videos like this make me wish I had friends.

Ibara - Senpai says:


Capture Ash says:

I am really enjoying this vlog series so far! Also, the music choice cracks me up when it is so fitting.

Saram Network says:

pony gachapon!!!!

nowgaku says:

Sakamoto? You got a good one!!

KelFrom YT says:


Manga Mafia says:

COOL vid- i love Akiba- i like how u added the music- it really helps i think

CaptainFutureJP says:

日本語を読めるのですね! 素晴らしい。

Ooo Tkyua says:


Jordon Provost says:

also, at the end that is the same display shown in Vargskelethor Joel’s video. I cant believe i noticed that…

京条精華 says:

Please come again anytime!!<3

travgpeters1 says:

that lil mexican guy is cool ..you guys need to make him the star of your videos .. hes got style and presense … he could make it big in the world

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