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Natsuki and I catch up in Tokyo in a fairly ridiculous day.
► Making Tiny Snacks with Natsuki:
► Monster Gyoza: Video out next week!

✨ Candeo Hotel in Roppongi
(For the next two weeks the hotel are giving upgrades to city-view rooms!)


► Kill Bill Restaurant (Gonpachi):

Business Enquiries:


Aimee Frost says:

Your filming and editing skills have quickly developed. This episode in particular was great, and the music was well chosen. Bash some synthwave on, it will go great

bicyql l says:

holly shit dude i love your videos

Danny Graham says:

Laughing so much my eye popped out. Looking forward to coming back from hospital and watching the last bit

Dave Herring says:

My wife and I are going to japan for 2 weeks this June. Your videos have helped us plan a lot. We appreciate what you do!

umenja says:

natsuki i love you

Moepowerplant says:

This may be off-topic, but I think you haven’t covered anything about that Aska person who can play an entire orchestra on a potato?

Jonai DeMaggio says:

What kind of film gear do you use when vlogging?

Qua-Z says:

Therapeutic Stabbing? Isn’t that acupuncture?

M Green says:

you really make great videos!

MSH WeeD OBA says:

what about JDM ??????????????????????????????????????????

Maya Bewsher says:

Somebody get that man a Hattori Hanzo sword and a sexy yellow jumpsuit. I think every British person needs a crazy friend like Natsuki.

Dionisio says:

What’s the song that plays at 3:40?

samuel lewis says:

I kill customer…

Danny Graham says:

This production vaalue of this is just stupid high.

Natsuki is a legend.

JN says:

I’ve now been through all his videos… I hope he does another upload soon!!

Devine Organ says:

Hey, I know that you don’t really do your reading the comments videos anymore, and I totally get that you may be too busy do peasant things like, well, reading and stuff. But on the off chance that you still peek at the comments, I wanted to ask if anyone recommended Kappa Mikey to you before? I realize that it’s an American cartoon show, and it knows it, but I thought that even if you haven’t heard of it before the parallels to your channel could make the experience moderately enjoyable. Yeah know, if that’s a thing you’d be interested in.

Quadzilla says:

Your vids are amazing I love them all, ps wheres Natsuki the movie!? Love that guy

Alexander Wilson says:

Great funny video. The hotel looks good must be just outside Ginza. Can you do a video on youth hostels? I took the golden route a few years ago and thought the hostels were far superior to most.

holamoco17 says:

We love Natsuki!

Sary Chan says:

Just got back a from Japan a day ago, miss it already.

Bold Nairamdah says:

Do something for your fans please. I came to Tokyo to meet you. Please

Chris88 says:

yes Natsuki is back!! I miissed you!! in June i will come to Japan and if i visit Tokyo i try to do both food chalenges (gyoza and ramen) I think Wankosoba is not available in Tokyo:-)
Greetings from Germany.

L. C. says:

Sup guy. I actually think you’re lookin slimmer. I’d do you.

boston brown says:

Did it say “happy birthday” on Natsuki’s gyoza ?

was it?

Preston Ben says:

@Chris Abroad Could you do a Video on Japanese Itasha Cars

brwood33 says:


Rachel Lynn says:

You both have such great laughs! Loved the video! You guys are wonderful 😀

JellicleCat09 says:

I really like Natsuki’s coat.

Tane Langdon says:

Can you do a video about an “eating wasabi challenge”

V Y says:

You need to start using undereye cream

Abroad in Japan says:

It’s great to finally have Natsuki back – I think April will more or less be “Natsuki month”.
IF YOU’RE A NATSUKI FAN go ahead and leave a message for him below and he’ll genuinely read it – he loves the attention (and he’s not afraid to admit it).
I forgot to mention that the main reason we haven’t seen each other since January is due to the fact we live about 2 hours apart. However, in winter it’s more like 4 hours apart due to the horrific snowfall of north Japan (we have to travel across two mountain ranges just to hang out). But now the snows have melted, we’ll be seeing more of him in the coming weeks and months!

Johnathn Forcht says:

that love hotel pillow is quite cool !

John Cruise says:

As always, superior editing! 🙂

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