Day Trips From Tokyo: 1 Hour Away In Ibaraki, Japan

In this series, Day Trips From Tokyo I will be showing you the many fun yet inexpensive Tokyo day trips you can have that are only an hour or so away from Tokyo.

This time I took a day trip and travelled to Ibaraki Prefecture in the Kanto region of Japan.

See more of Ibaraki here:

Travel Itinerary:

Air Park Coo :

・Mount Tsukuba

・Rental Bicycle
Tsuchiura Machikado Kura Daitoku:

・Lake Kasumigaura

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Good For You


Life with Ami In Japan says:

I absolutely love your videos ❤️ it’s so beautiful and the things you get to experiment in life is such a wonderful thing!
I’ve been skydiving to bungee jumping and it’s an amazing feeling! It’s breathe taking!
Never been gliding but it looks just as fun as the other things I’ve done!

Tibor Boreel says:

Had subtitels on while watching and “Ibaraki” became “evil acne”. Ahh, the wonders of translation software.

justf0rnow says:

My hands are sweating just from watching the video and imagine if i was there. Hopefully one day i can do it and cure my fear of heights.

Jon Lenvik says:

You almost rode your bike off the road. 😀

Maja Stjepanovic says:

GURL how did you get there???
also, what camera do you use?

佐々木裕人 says:

Happy Sunday to you Angela, I hope you are having a nice weekend and thank you very much for the video I can’t just explain the adventure , just a piece of heaven and it the best gift I got today , thank you for your hard work and dedication to make such amazing video and thank you again for this beautiful gift

Nathan Road says:


Jasmine Velickovic says:

The paragliding looked like so much fun!

Chris Cavan says:

Can we see the unedited version of 6:17?

Laury Herrera says:

i really appreciate this video my friends and i are headed to japan in the spring and they definitely want to see and experience Tokyo’s city environment but i like the slower pace and nature of japan this lets us experience both. Thank You so much.

Brian Jenkins says:

Aloha Angela and always peaceful and so beautiful videos that you make!

Lucas Souza says:

that was great, nice trip. thumbs up!

roddy222 says:

“mamachari” how funny, was looking at bike rental in Sendia and come across that word the other day. Thanks, great video. Cheers.

Adrie Van Dijk says:

Japan is a beautiful island, and the people have the tourist a lot to offer, also in activity and it is not really expensive. I go for Japan.

Saufi says:

Is this video sponsored? and be careful while cycling

sarasarapowdersnow says:


EL says:

I love your videos! They’re always so calming to watch and make me want to go/live in Japan

xxchris says:

Lol it looks like you’re struggling on the bike a little

Yama Zaki says:

I just love your videos ♡

jason Hwang says:

It looks so fun! I wanna visit to japan whenever i watch your videos

Kenneth Phang says:

Thank you. The view is so beautiful.

That Japanese Man Yuta says:

Wow, that looks so much fun! I want to do that too.

チャンネルちくわ says:

まだ行ったことないんで行ってみたいです^ ^

René G says:


Badass Wanderer says:

Your videos are always so beautiful and informative! You deserve a million subscribers <3

June O says:

I want to try paragliding even though am scared of heights but man the fee you need to pay for it too expensive for me …… OTL

Kimberly M says:

I looooved this video so much!! Thanks for sharing!!

Mudl92 says:

Currently planning my next trip to Japan (I think its the 4th now) and your videos just give me one idea after the other what to do. Thank you for that.

Krieghandt says:

You may have to change your channel name to “Faceplanting Me”. 🙂

aya yay says:

Such a quiet and peaceful place. I love autumn too

alia x says:

So much beauty i definitely wanna visit and explore this place and try out paragliding!!

Kuliner Medan says:

Da best … greeting from indonesiaaaaaaaa

my epic life says:

wow that was amazing, so beautiful scenery!

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