Don’t stay in Tokyo – the best day trip from the city // Kamakura, Japan

Of course Tokyo is amazing, and there’s plenty to see there but there’s so much real beauty right outside the city! Just an hour away is Kamakura and it’s pretty darn amazing. The best of Japan’s natural beauty is here.

Hi there random person reading further into the description than most people.
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hannah strong says:

What/where was the underground cave like place?

D Andersen says:

Subscribed 9 seceonds into vid. — You seem fun! XD

aqualinknun says:

I’m not usually one for dishing out compliments but you have such a lovely smile and beautiful personality.

井出麻依子 says:

Ur friends r so cute as well, nice to c their reaction too lol

hussein gaidan says:

So sweet Hannah, thanks for your kind vlogs

キーソー says:


White dicklesss says:

yoshi yoshi where are you????

KenMarchant says:

Nice video Hannah, glad you enjoyed my town. I’ve lived in Kamakura for over 20 years and love it!

zam023 says:

That sliding with your socks on, my sis does that too and she already past 30 ^_^;;

jiko yoko says:

Please come to Karuizawa Town in Nagano Prefecture

Nyan Tsuki says:

man, you are way too loud for this country

akio goto says:

Your vid’s quality is amazing. Definitely 1st rate travel introduction vid. Thank you for visiting our country.
( ◠‿◠ )❤️

UU P says:

Good movie!!

looking forward for next time !

daioshou008 says:

Yes, Japanese countryside is beautiful and clean, watch my video too!

。 。 says:

I really hope u guys enjoyed sightseeing in Kamakura! What I felt from this video is that u guys really love in Japanese culture, and also be respectful for the Japanese culture! And I’m looking forward to watch more videos in Japan with ur BF too!!

kimiya kaneko says:

you really understand japanese customs . I was suprised

Shu Bokudo says:

日光旅行の動画もupしてね m(__)m

RNG Master says:

I loved Kamakura as well but if you are looking for natural scenic beauty you need to go to Nikko and Furano/ biei in Hokkaido or Hokkaido in general and do it by car if possible the landscape is legendary

lovesand86 says:

Why hasn’t anyone mentioned that your friend is a carbon copy of Elle Fanning!?

Gumm Neddiack says:

this is nice video i found , and it would ask some courage to go in that magnificent place

Trevor Pearce says:

You are so making me want to be back in japan. like your editing by the way.

Arno C. says:

So gooood

J Jazzy says:

ハンナさんの視点(Hanna’s point of view?)、美しいもの愛らしいものを見付ける嗅覚、良いですね。

/onceあるびー says:


Chris O says:

I juice sweet potatos it help you loss wight really guick when jog ..

Bistalop Stallen says:

Actually Kamakura is a part of the big city and far from what’s called countryside…

StinkyPanda says:

You should post your videos in 1080p!

TheNamelessComposer says:

Mmm I love mochi. I actually got into it by trying mochi ice cream in Little Tokyo in LA. I especially love mochi ice cream, sometimes get it at Asian groceries here. When I was in Japan I thought the sweet soy sauce on mochi/dango was a bit weird but it was quite nice. I do miss the snacks in Japan!

The Bell Tree says:

Great video. I’ve been all over Japan, but I’ve actually never been to Kamakura. Definitely putting it on my next Japan itinerary. One nitpicky observation: dango isn’t the same as mochi. Mochi is made by actually pounding sweet rice into a paste, whereas dango is made from rice flour. I’m a mochi obsessive. 🙂

Martinike says:

sicc slide

Toto CH says:

Actually, you are not allowed to film/photography people (even in public spaces). You have to ask for permission.

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