Don’t travel during Golden Week in Japan!!

The Ashikaga Flower Park was absolutely stunning and I still had an amazing day but holy wow, I wish I didn’t go during Golden Week.
If you’re gonna travel to Japan soon, avoid these dates…

More info on where I went:

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Ultranationalist941 says:

Wished I saw this video before I booked my ticket. Tokyo during golden was horrible.

K T says:

In fact ,Japan has 100000 suicide people a year.

Raycab Photog says:

When you were sitting and eating Mochi, that dude just chillin in back of you had me cracking up hahakeep up the video’s they’re very nice 🙂

4シリーズひろ says:


陈港生 says:

The chinese ruin everything, so rude and so loud

DogaTv says:

I usually lock myself indoors for Golden Week, because going anywhere is just hell. lol

kelly stone says:

Looks like a wonderful place to get married at, or wedding photos. Thanks Hannah.

Mewkee Woo says:

Wow i heard language from my side LOLZ !

Pretty sure you know this, You is cute, by the way..

kanadajin3 says:

Title says it all absolute truth, and for those who live in Japan should really know don’t go outside during golden week because really everything is so busy it’s really insane and I always love to avoid it when possible

Cherish Adventure says:

I love that presentation is everything you eat with your eyes. I love that they encourage creativity.

TheNamelessComposer says:

You’re Aussie so say root, lol. Though i hear more saying ‘rowt’ nowadays due to American influence.

BHO1811 says:

Simple trick to escape the crowd during Golden week: leave one day in advance and go as far as you from Tokyo. Wakayama, Ishikawa, Tohoku,…

Stevens Birds says:

Thank You for sharing your adventures.

N S says:


Whimsical Nessa says:

Oh, wow. This is absolutely beautiful. I hope I would be able to go here one day.

The Little Wanderer says:

Unfortunately the absolute best time to visit Ashikaga Flower Park (for the wisteria) and Hitachi Seaside Park (for the blue nemophila) during both their peaks is during Golden Week. :/ If you were to visit just before, or just after, you would miss the flowers in full bloom.

Yumo Fitness says:

wowww SO beautiful!! Yessss it llooked SOOOO busy which I felt totally downed how peaceful this place probably is when its not holiday week! Glad you went though ahhh xoxoxox


So , how’s the radioactive water taste that comes out of the faucet ?

PaperPlanesParadise says:

the is one beautiful vlog. thank you so much for sowing.

Cakes with Faces says:

I went to the cherry blossom viewing at the mint in Osaka, which is only open 1 week per year, and it was soooo busy as well. Rather than a peaceful time enjoying the flowers, the most memorable part for me was the festival itself and the frenzy of the busy atmosphere with everyone excited and taking pictures. So it was an amazing experience – just not quite the one I expected! But I was really lucky to be there just at the right time when it was open to the public.

Dollar Travelers says:

Nice Video, Keep up the good work!

Sho Fumimura says:

Beautiful wisteria and a lovely park. We went there a day before the Golden Week and it was busier than the crowds in your video. Perhaps it’s better to go there at least several days before and after?

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