First trip to Japan! – Two weeks & three cities

This is my first trip to Japan and first Youtube video!

My Camera:
Bendy Tripod:


## uzubo says:

Looks you enjoyed Japan so much. Next time, please visit Sanin, Sanyo,Kyushu areas.

Dani Gondal says:

Very Nice i Like it

HasLina07_ desu says:

Japan is the amazing beautiful country ever in the planet!!! I wanna to visit Japan!!! I love you Japan!!!!!!

曹John says:

nice chopstick skills,bless you two

くにちゃん says:

Thank you for coming to Japan.  ARIGATOU~ ヽ(*^∇^*)ノ

Aubrey Self says:

2 minutes in and I can already tell this is a well put together video. Good job

Tetsu Kobayashi says:

Your editing is so cool. I’m glad that you seem to enjoy trip because Nagano is my hometown.

Liew Cheng Yeh says:

one thing i love about japan…. if you got loss between small back alley…. sometime you can find pretty good snack shops/restaurants…..

remsan03 says:

Gosh, you’re cute.
Looking forward for more.

Gerlyslendy Mejia Garcia says:

Muy buenos días

15751Chris says:

Awesome job for first video, what is the song at 9:30?

aldente2011 says:

I enjoyed this clip thoroughly. It’s hard to believe you can made your first YouTube clip so brilliant, I’m impressed with the way you edited it! I was wondering what hostel appeared around 09:00, which looked very nice and cosy. I would like to take some of your ideas in my future visit to Japan. Thank you for your post.

Angus Knight says:

Dude, nailed it for your first video! Well done.

Kenpon TV says:

These restaurants are 3 day from new years are closed every year so. Too Bad for you,

InMyShoes says:

The snow monkeys are so cool!

yopparaiiii says:

Cool little video. Yea, do come back again.

Matthieu Travels says:

Nice vid man!

Wolves Can Cook says:

Cool video man! What editor did you use?


Welcome to (this strange country?)Japan (^o^)/. Your video is so nice! I’m looking forward to watching the next one!
Please upload next trip again. m(_ _)m

kleenex9981 says:

Unique focus!

DinxTV says:

just went to Japan too! followforfollow?

takuya nishimura says:

This is the Japan that only foreigners know.Thank you for letting me know!

r.v.w says:

Please come again.

Su Shao Chun says:

Love the video editing!

11holic11 says:

I’m a bit surprised you visited the Tokyo University.

Wayne Kerr says:

Nice video guys, good job.

Kouji Kanou says:

Just watched and the video is really amazing !!
Please come to Japan again and show us an amazing video !!

Paul Bruce says:

Great video. Heading to Tokyo in May so great views

tenztoy says:

Thank you for visiting to our loved motherland, Japan.(^O^)/
Someday again, please come and see the four seasons and various diverse cultures of Japan.(^_-)-☆

Stu54 says:

Great Vlog, really enjoyed it. That bus in Nagano (the one back from the snow monkey park) I missed that one too, I walked back to train station, got some really cool pictures on the way. 🙂

Andrew Da Costa says:

Super cool video!!!

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