How Difficult is Travelling Japan without Japanese? | Travel Tips

Travelling Japan without Japanese might not be as tough as you think.
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Gugus Alpha says:

And once again, a fellow countryman fed this wonderful reputation about France… Thank you random yeller !

Angie Natoyn says:

Weird about the France thing. So many folks there know how to speak English.

D̀u̶͚d͉͛̀3̗z͌ says:

chris , why did you have thai tags in older videos?

mcsnooklovin says:

Why is your opinion of the Japanese people so different than that American youtube guy?

GS 1.0 says:

Seriously your videos have been so helpful 🙂

Thank you!!

Ezekiel Tan says:

Honestly when I spoke with that simple english to a Japanese who can actually literally understand english well, I was humiliated infront of my friends…. still, it’s a good advice but you must deal with the consequences when the table turns xDD

Mohammad Mureeh says:

The ticket machine printed my name on my PASMO card for free. I was willing to pay ¥500 for it but it turned out to be free.

MsJavaWolf says:

Male is the one with the square, got it.

sushi boyy says:


Ponaquua l-/ says:

great video 😀 I find these kinds of ‘more authentic’ ones more enjoyable than the sponsored ones with more formal style

Bradmyr says:

Natsuki with a sword! Haha!

RiseAgainst90 says:

A French guy got angry at me once because I couldn’t answer his question in French.. This took place in the Netherlands.

Mostafa says:

can you recommend some philosophy books?

Mostafa says:

can you recommend some philosophy books?

Rand Om says:

You missed a chance to plug your own merchandise at the start, as you were wearing your ‘Like a magic’ shirt.

Pichuscute says:

I’m going to Japan this summer! Can’t wait. I know a bit of Japanese, but not a whole lot.

gtafan110010 says:

Where is Natsuki btw? He’s not been in a video for ages

Moustache D. Luffy says:

Dude, you’re one of the only YouTubers who can teach me about Japan and make me bust out laughing at the same time. Keep up the quality content!

Steven K says:

I would love to travel there one day!

hello chi says:

outro music?

Seán Michelangelo Charles Egan says:


Chris Godas says:

Now try the same thing without Japnese OR English 🙂

weissnichtaberegal says:

Awesome as usual

Adventures with Frodo says:

France does suck if you don’t speak the language they bunch of SNOBS.  Germany  you cant get them to speak German once they learn  you speak English.  And m y firs exeriance with a forgien language wias when I moved to London.   got easier when I realized if yo u talked like a 5 year old it was okay.  When I lived in Japan it would be very difficult though the Japenglish is funny.

Zubair Qureshi says:

It wasn’t too difficult when I went last October. Getting around via public transport was simple as all stations were in English as well as Japanese. Google Maps was godsend. Me and my group used it 24/7 getting around 🙂

Aikano9 says:

Is that a mustache or did someone prank you with a sharpie?

StrongPower THANKYOU says:

Example of kindness of Japanese people: My friends and I were trying to find a specific item in Seria (100 yen store), but we couldn’t find it, so we spoke to some staff and he told us they don’t stock that. Then he spoke to his manager and his manager told him Daiso (another 100 yen store) might have it. So he asked us if we knew how to get to Daiso, and we didn’t. So he said follow me. We thought he was gonna take us to a place where he could give us clearer directions from, but he ended up taking us all the way to Daiso, their competitor. It was a 5 minute walk away. And he made polite conversation the whole way, not seeming annoyed at all.

Jan Miranda says:

😀 Laugh out loud! haahahahhaha, love it.

BboyofRandomness says:

I’ve had so many people in Japan leave the shops they worked at to escort me down the street it’s crazy

Autum Breeze says:

Wow. A while back, like June last year, I searched phrases in Japanese I merely assumed I might need, copy pasted them into a word document and printed it out to read whenever I could. Surprised how many of them were mentioned here

Ayu Kuro says:

Is it hard to get used to japanese food ? For ex person from Europe or USA ? Even though the way japanese people serve liver, seafood etc. that it looks amazing, everytime i eat it around here i think it is still disgusting.

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