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Travelling Japan is cheaper and easier than ever before thanks to a recent boom in tourism.
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Monserrat Escudero says:

I saved a lot of money buying my breakfast in supermarkets! The bakery products were delicious and cheap. Then, with all the money I saved on breakfast, I ate premium A5 Kobe Meat. Once. Darn it.

Big hp says:

My wife and I have been enjoying your videos for the last two years. will you be reading your hate mail any time soon?

Benches Laroue says:

I travelled solo and stayed in an Airbnb which was about 70 a night but they gave me everything and I didn’t have to bring anything and it was great. I got a JR pass which wasn’t that useful to me… because I didn’t really go outside of Tokyo that much. It’s also annoying not being able to go through the ticket kiosks or whatever they are called. I also ate constantly at 7/11 because it’s amazing. My total trip wasn’t that expensive but I splurged on some Ubers because I was tired and annoyed by the subway.

SSB Sulo says:

Does anyone have experience of working in IT job in Japan?

Arne Barbé says:

I love your channel!!! You are truly amazing, keep making these kind of video’s 🙂 Thanks for your hard work <3

大門部長警部 says:

Hello! I’m japanese.
If you didn’t understand anything, feel free to ask me! XD

SaimonVcp says:

“If you are not a native english speaker, there 15 languages..”
LOL if my english is good enough to understand what you are saying (and shame myself on the comments with akward grammar) i think is good enough to read the web
Thank you for a great video, you earned a suscriber! (tobe fair i tought i already did – suscribed – because your videos kept appearing in my home page but i guess not)

Addonexus TheDeestoyer says:

What about apartments? Could you rent for about three months? how much would that cost?

Oscar Cerro Quiles says:

Have you EVER stayed in a Motel where couples just go and f*ck!? Get a few litters of 90° alcohol or some quality cleanser (and a mask so you don’t get knocked out for the vapors)

skulblaka92 says:

Looking good Chris, you’ve lost weight! 😀

Anastasia Baadilla says:

i travel with airbnb with my sister, cost me 37$ for two people. which is good.

Jr Crawford says:

Romanian boy

Ramy Awad says:

That small bowl of rice is almost 5 bucks? Definitely not worth it hahah

Jr Crawford says:

You gave it to me

Eli Max says:

you make me miss japan soooooooooooooooooooooo much

Daniel Afeaki says:


Zefyr says:

Travelled to Japan for 16 days, flew into Osaka left from Tokyo, everything cost me around $750 USD. I used Couchsurfing for my accommodation so food and transportation were my main expenses! (Not including the flight)

Jr Crawford says:

Tastes good

IFCSAT says:

Thank you for taking the time to ACTUALLY give us ballpark prices. Most people don’t do that, and it is INCREDIBLY helpful.

blair parkinson says:

wish i had known about the all you can drink and eat places

Andrew Liddle says:

I’m coming to Tokyo for 2 weeks this Christmas 15th-29th on my own how is it for travel around Tokyo and just generally being there at that time of the year??

Keshia Erickson says:

Also, you’re adorable <3

Kaoru Thirdearth says:

The cheese beef bowl is definitely delicious. (‘・ω・’)
I will definitely is eat at Sukiya too.

Timothy Garcia says:

What if I decide to live at japan

Mark Cochran says:

That Elemental music! I used to play that game all the time. anyway love the video, Thanks for the tips. I’m wanting to plan a trip in the next year or two.

Kyle Sya says:

…very! in Tokyo anyways

Manila Spanatic says:

Great video!

Flo says:

felt like that stuffed cat was starring me down

Marcus says:

Where is the BBQ restaurant you were at in 8:50 ? looks great

Timery L'y says:

Thank you for this video ! Its very useful

Crater M. says:

stayed in Tokyo a couple weeks, 20$ a night, cheaper if you really look, transportation, you can get some pass that will cover all transportation for a certain duration and it’s really cheap, cheaper than paying for busses and trains individually. especially if your traveling far distances such as to other cities or prefectures, it’s for tourists only and can’t be continuously bought though. food will be about 10$ a meal unless your going to expensive places, you can get down to a few dollars a meal if your fine with food that’s not the best *cough*711*cough*. the real kicker is the plane ticket and shopping, book early and off season for a cheap flight, hold in the reigns for shopping. Honestly it was cheaper living in Japan for the few weeks I was there than it is here in Canada so…

TheSarste says:

Excellent video. I recently travelled to Japan for 2 weeks, and spent A LOT of money. But, like your friends, I wanted to try all the food, experience a traditional ryokan and pretty much do all the ‘touristy things’ so I ended up being quite extravagant. I came away from Japan with the impression that it was a very expensive place, but this video shows that if you make different choices, it doesn’t have to be. So thank you! 😀 Maybe my return to Japan will happen sooner than I thought!

Xin Pan says:

think of the smell with all the people cramped in a little rooms in these hostels and pods, farting all night. I’ll pay a little more to get my own room.

Jess says:

You’ve been away a little too long, it’s perfectly legal to drink on UK streets as long as you’re of age and not making a mess. I’d love it if you could make a video or point me in the direction of some tips for vegetarians in Japan. Keep making awesome videos!

Cassius Grey says:

That many days by skateboard would cost so much in accommodation, no? Or are you being a marathon hero?

Keshia Erickson says:

When I was travelling through Japan I used the 21 day Japan rail pass and I can’t recommend it enough! Even being on the Shinkansen’s between destinations was a wonderful experience<3

Abroad in Japan says:

I MENTIONED I travelled with some friends for two weeks; the total cost of our accommodation and transportation came in at £530 ($690) each. On top of this we spent at least another £600 each on food/drink, as it was their first time to Japan and they wanted to splash out and try everything. So in total around £1100 for the two weeks (NOT including their return flights to Japan from the UK). IF you have any budget travel wisdom, please share away below!

R B says:

Lol hotels are still a lot cheaper than Europe

Jennifer Jordan says:

thank you so much for this video, I appreciate you!!

Johnny Rogue says:

I can’t watch your vids anymore without seeing the Tripadvisior owl…he sounds like YOU in the latest commercial

megacaie says:

Can you just speak english to the shopkeepers?

あ あ says:


Shaz W says:

Hi, I’ve subscribed to your channel – yay! I’ll be taking my daughter to Japan in October. It’ll be our first visit there! Thanks for all your helpful tips. We’ll be there for 3 and a half weeks: Tokyo – Kyoto – Osaka, although we do want to make a visit to the Great Torii Gate, maybe see Hiroshima, and stay 1 or 2 nights at an Ryokan with Onsen. We’ll be staying at Airbnbs and one hotel that offers studio apartments. I’d like to go by bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto, but I won’t get a JR card, as the JR website calculator reckons it’s not worth buying one. IT looks like exactly the same bullet train we used in China, but in China it was a lot cheaper. The Peach Airlines website doesn’t work here in Europe (I’m British but live in Germany). Any tips on how to get around this? Also, all the wonderful Ryokans with onsens that I’ve checked out are hugely expensive! Can you recommend a nice one not too far from Tokyo or Kyoto (not too far means no longer than a 90-min journey). Many many thanks. Cool channel! ^^

Vintagelover92 says:

Why do people like Japan so much? Is it because of anime?

Nanashi says:

How much is a month in Japan USD.

AutodidacticFighter says:

For a second I thought the thumbnail was Chibireviews

H L says:

Chris’ ultimate dream is that he can speak with the mouth like Pitbull and say: “WE AT THE HOTEL, MOTEL, HOLIDAY INN!!!”

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