Day 2 of our trip in Japan. We are rested, and spent the morning doing some A-B testing of our new BC Racing coilovers. We start on Minami, then head to Touge, Back to Minami, and then North Course to finish up the day. I actually learned how to drive the car today, so the driving will keep getting better and better now that I have some confidence in the car. Especially with the EZ Knuckles, They allow you to drive a lot harder because you have a little bit of safety margin.

On Touge Kelly got a little wild, lost it and we somehow hit just rear 1/4’s and stayed on track! That’s big plus because that track has cliffs you can literally fall off. Really easy to roll on the embankment there as well!.

Thanks to BC Racing and Nitto Tires for making this trip happen.



Nicholas Petersen says:

The Real Shit.

Robonza says:

16:11 Dude that was money. haha, sure was

Nic Jenkinson says:

Amazing filming and content! I love seeing talented drivers at ebisu! Such a a beautiful combination

tearaw drift says:

holy shit at 13:33 , was fuck nuts

860Whips says:

Is there any reason that the vinyl on the passenger side door is backwards?

Brandon Terry says:

Have Vaughn fly the RTR’s out, I wanna see bro ‘stangs jump Minami!!!

x_SAIYA-JIN says:

eee-bee-suu lol

lee chamberlain says:

Your the man Chelsea, so much talent.

Blanco Escondido says:

Eee-bee-sue lol

5W4994N says:

God dammit, Chelsea, why are you such a likeable dude??

Ramon Villa says:

Why is there no one else on track?

Jaemrichie says:

The Bro Kelly! The PopShop holding it down! Check some of our Vids @ThePopShopTv

Tey Est Dans Les Airs says:

I Hope one day i’ll drift at ebisu and maybe live in japan

86Themadhatter says:

13:26 Is that Mesker or however you spell it? I’m assuming it is since he’s an absolute baller any time i see him in vids from Ebisu

Lean Frankenstein says:

Beer with hoonigans

Theresa Oakes says:

it’s like Disney Land for drivers. love it

qs10101 says:

Keep up the great content man. I can’t wait until the next video so I’m re watching videos hahah

Zakie Chan says:

Those backies were sick!

SkidBits says:

Wakin up in the morning, sippin a mimosa with Chelsea denofa vlog blaring in the living room

Drift Buddy says:

You can clearly see DeNofa always trsut his driving, maybe one of the most important things of drifting!!! Keep it up Chelsea you mad man!!

jake lataille says:

Best ebisu Drift video out of all the YouTubers there right now. Keep banging doors

kittehsnipe says:

Yo the commitment of my dude holding the camera!

Kostas K. says:

Imagine if chelsea started vlogging,even with random stuff.id be all over that,he seems like a fucking awesome person to hang around

Perry Shawana says:


iskren sinanski says:

Chelsea du bist Einfach klasse,weiter so.

Jordan Garman says:

Chelsea I still want that hat man!

MrAeroHD says:

Makes me so happy. Love seeing any footage from Matsuri!
Hope you had fun Chelsea.

hyrum reid says:

Chelsea Savage DeNofa

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