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Travel Well in Hokkaido, Japan with our epic SNOW guide! We were on a tight budget and found affordable accommodation, cheap skiing and snowboarding and fun things to do around Asahikawa. Here’s a vlog-style look at everything we got up to and, hopefully, some inspiration for you to plan your own amazing adventure too!

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Eat Durian Or Die says:

I missed the premiere again 🙁 but a great video. You both did really well solo filming towards the end, it must be really tricky when you’re on your own in the snow !

gogo tea says:

My father was born in Hokkaido. sometime I want to travel there!

Food Nazi says:

Excellent video as usual ! quite sad that your Japan videos have come to an end 🙁 but hope the next bunch will be as exciting as these ones !

Catherine Neidhardt says:

You guys put together such a high quality vlog. Great editing, great info and great on-camera presence. Once the world catches onto you guys, it will be epic. The humour is also clever and super natural. Keep up the amazing work guys.

Wayne Kerr says:

I watched this video for the second time and gee your interaction with the local kids was really funny. I bet they went home telling their parents “I saw a blonde haired Gaijin scoffing down Chocobaby on a ski slope mum/dad”. LOL

Souri Syx says:

Very informative, Phoebe’s natural hilarious and beautiful and her sidekick Matt has a legendary beard… Seriously, you guys deserve more subs. Hit like and share so they get more notice 🙂

Maron Maron says:

Gorgeous video babe. Oh and you’re in Ravensbourne now? my hubby and I have been to Esk which is a tiny village near where you are now and it was lovely. Have a lovely weekend babe xxx.

zztabs says:

Japan has a very nice scenery in winter and a great place to go out and play skii! i can really see you are enjoying this vacation so much

Ross and Bek says:

Yaassss Matt! Way to contribute to this adventure 😉

Ordinary Guy says:

As the President of the LGB Fan Club, I’m proud to announce that the Japan Series was the best series ever made by Phoebe and Matt. May you both be rewarded appropriately for your efforts (eg. Phoebe and Matt to officially open the Tokyo Olympics during the opening ceremony perhaps?)

Vicious Vigilante says:

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a great video….. that’s all I wanted to say, thank you for your attention.

rarefaction curve says:

Such a happy (and informative) upload! Shred it!!! with Choco Baby is the BEST! I would love to go and visit Hokkaido in winter! Your uploads are always fun to watch. I am a big fan!

Felix Cattenstart says:

I was running a bit late, but I’m happy I watched this. The place looks amazing! I need to take some ski or snowboard lessons before going there as I never touched one. Also I totally got you at the point you said “people are looking out for us”, that’s the warm hospitality of the Japanese people I fell in love with. Thank you for all the Japan series ✌. Keep up the amazing work ❤

Ei Forc says:

Beautiful and lots of clean white snow. Thanks for the video.

Bethany Volker says:

Omg “Shred ittttt” with those kids was cracking me up! great video as always.. Thank you! I am going to japan with my husband in two weeks and your videos have made me even more excited

かずなべ says:

famous Asahikawa ramen Aoba

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