Journey to Japan’s Ramen Capital | Road Trip

Ramen is one of Japan’s best loved dishes. We’re off to Kitata, where the dish has shaped the towns identity. 日本語字幕付!

*Where we Visited*
► Samurai Archery Experience Tour

► Aizuwamatatsu Handcraft and Ramen Shrine Guide Tour

Nishiya Ryokan

*BOOK a Local Tour*

*More places worth visiting locally*

► Rice Cracker Baking Workshop

► Gorgeous Yonezawa Beef Lunch

►Wear Samurai Armour in Tsuruga Castle

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The Mistery Machine says:

Thanks for all the great videos. I’ve been to Japan, but only Nagoya so far(20 years ago when my group was hired to perform there). I can’t wait to get back soon, and some friends are actually going this next week, but the timing didn’t work. Oh well, hopefully soon, and I’ll definitely be rewatching most of your videos again to prep for my…eventual trip.

Jeremy D513 says:

Your travel videos are always great to watch!

Kibbles says:

You almost never see natsuki and ryotoro in the same video. My theory, they are the same person and Chris just uses “clever cgi film trickery” to make it seem like he has more friends. We are onto you Chris!

Rupsunder Moulik says:

hey…hi….i admire your videos….can you continue the learning Japanese series please…?It’s really helpful..

Kumo says:

Can I travel back in time and switch places with you guys? I wish I had those amazing bowls of ramen in front of me.

Sirus the Virus says:

I’ve been to that french castle in Chambord. Really beautiful.

toom moot says:

Love your videos man, any Japanese ramen is my favourite dish. Watching your vids makes me want to visit my sister in Japan again.

Gavin Wild says:

yeah man, just got my 2-min noodles outa the pot, about to watch a video about ramen.

Simon W. says:

More and more am I starting to see this channel as something that would be on the literal Travel Channel

Stu McDonald says:

Chris when did you go here? I went last month and sat in that very bowl in the Ramen shrine, had a great time!

Zephiris says:

It may just be chinese thing, but isn’t there a strict rule about NOT filming the buddhist statues in temples as it is considered disrespectful to the deities?

Lukas Mihara says:

ソースカツどん is also a 名物 in Fukui 🙂

Abroad in Japan says:

Of the numerous trips and videos I’ve made with Ryotaro, I think this is probably my favourite. We were lucky to travel across a very beautiful region and see and do so much, and in terms of filming and editing it, I tried to take us one step closer to being a poorly quality TV channel, as opposed to an edited vlog. (Although unfortunately no drones this time and I know you love your drones).
One of the best things about filming and travelling is you get to learn so much every time you pull out the camera, given the practical nature of it all – there’s something exciting about constantly looking for new angles and perspectives on things that people cover all the time. BUT anyway enough of me pretending to sound profound, as if I’m more than just a Youtube vlogger person! Enjoy the video guys.

Six Addams says:

I actually did 170 years in prison for stealing a waterfall.

Ryley Griggs says:

Can we get a list of music you use in your vids my guy?

Jason Vu says:

When will we have misotaro?

SquidNeko says:

This fish used to be my father. And your reaction to it broke me. Haha~ XD

SnowMonkey says:

I love how unlike most vlogs this channel is very much like a t.v episode. It feels very personal but also very pro.

Helmuth Bonilla says:

Went to the ramen capital and only ate one type of ramen. We need more.

aR0ttenBANANA96 says:

I was gonna say something about the samurai people looking weird until I realized they were statues.

Adam Cradam Parkes says:

Bono Estente

Carlos Urroz says:

Can you make a video telling why did you go to live in Japan, and how can I do it myself

Vicky Fisher says:

Oh wow you can Show a column about fashism but Not a Plaque saying “to the knights of aizu”…

ThE99THReDBallooN says:

Hey me & my partner have loved your channel for years & genuinly get excited when a new video gets posted. We are planning a honeymoon to Japan in the next year or so but my partner is worried about eating as she is celiac. So has to have the whole no gluten, wheat, soy etc or she gets very ill. We are really looking forward to it but wondered if you had any info on gluten free eating in Japan at all. Is it hard to come by? Will we need a phrase or card saying she is celiac or is gonna be a case of avoiding most things. I know soy & wheat is used pretty heavily so i hope its not the later 🙁
Cheers Chris

NephiTheSpaceWarrior says:

The reason why we don’t see Natsuki and Ryotaro: They’re the same person that switch appearances every time Chris goes to a food shop.

Grimm says:

what time of year did you guys go?

Pixel Charge says:

What is the music you’ve used in the first few minutes? Love it!

Wong Bing Xiang says:

If the temple was built in the 8th century then how could it possibly have been able to use the design from Leonardo Da Vinci who was only born much later on? Forgive me if I had miss any important details in the video

Emily Sires says:

I feel like we don’t deserve this channel. Like, how am I getting to watch such amazingly good content for free? Thanks Chris.

Also, Ryotaro is the essence of charm, even when he is being savage

Henry says:

Umm Toyota in the beginning and Mitsubishi a minute in?

Sweet & Sour says:

Is it possible to visit these places without at car? (with say a train or bus?)

eventhorizon says:

It’s all your fault I’ve been craving legitimate ramen for months now, of course when I’m having an issue on going to NYC where I could actually get some…

Aikano9 says:

“Phuck you, I was the one driving”

Constance Sullivan says:

I have done nothing but watch your videos for 3 days now. Good job bro!

LEOSER says:

love the vaporwave picks for the music!

Artie Choke says:

Great vid! Honestly, that temple at 5:10 looks like it’s ready to collapse. One heavy snow and that would be it…

Xcaliburz says:

not really if the waterfall is in your land why not you own the waterfall

Slewenski says:

this was lovely i had os much fun watching this. I am just catching up on your latest videos in general and I have laughed so much thank you! Despite all the longing I’m getting from watching this ToT i missed your more regulare updates this is such a spoiling right now haha XD (or maybe iw as just too buzy lately and finally get the time to…naah…you’re spoiling!)

The trip looked wonderful and I wish I could’ve been there…so jelly!

carloccone says:

Mussolini imitation? Priceless

Meowster K says:

As an american I find that comment bout the katsudon to be really offensive… How dare you say that such a small portion is american size?!

mentalydisturbed95 says:

Another great video. Would love to see you make a video about the Shikokou pilgrimage and Shikokou in general 🙂

Eddie Marais says:

has anyone ever told you that you sound like Stewart Lee?

Nero von Aarfeste says:

Looking it up (provided the one I found was the right one) the German monument seemed to be rather inoccuous – why didn’t you wanna film it?

Anakin Skyobiliviator says:

That fish on a skewer reminded me of how much I wanted to try ayu one day…

Theturtleowl says:

Katsudon <3

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