KICKED OUT OF JAPAN! (i’m sorry) 🇯🇵

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Sorry, Tokyo.

Music by: Koloto

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I’m a 22 year old kid living in Los Angeles. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick and a savage dog named Kong. This is my life.


HM L. says:

Take this vid down you dip shit

Niki's Tube says:

Never ever come to Bali Indonesia…

RealLifeThings101 says:

Can everyone just stop commenting stupid stuff like don’t come to whatever country. If you really hate him just don’t freaking come on. You guys aren’t gonna change anything and it just gets annoying and looks stupid

Mr. Delphi says:

Please get stuck in the airport, without a way to enter any country…

Cole Safferi says:

Dont Ever Visit Canada And Ohio Even though

DoubleAA MJ says:

guys hes just gonna keep going different places. what is so bad? lol jk kys

DoubleAA MJ says:

i feel ashamed to live in the same CONTINENT as him.

Tamaki bear-chan says:

that wasn’t funny I am Japanese and thought that was so rude!

sponser eagle says:

pls dont come to korea

holla at erica says:

Don’t visit the Philippines and ruin it all for us 🙂

Edcel may Martinez says:

Go to the philipines

CrYpT Clan says:

what does jp mean on the title

Presley perez says:

make more vlogs please i miss you sooooooooo much 🙁

aniq najmi says:

Plz make a vlog in hell. If not in Antarctica, alone.

dopzey gamer says:

i miss logan so much I nearly cried when I saw his face and I remembered he don’t make vids no more because of that one vid youtube give him a second chance he don’t get money no more either


Don’t come to Egypt

Wayshel Collins says:

oh ppl pls just stop. i hope you did not commit any mistake iin your life

Predator Miner says:

Come to Brazil. 🙂

Daniela De Hoyos says:

He put his camera down when an officer said no filming. But he kept on filming and making fun of a suicide victim. What happened to being RESPECTFUL?

Janina Banana says:

Visit pluto instead

Ghetto Cy says:


Za Hue says:

Youre so cringy. Omfg. JUST go back to your country. Please.

Arianna Cook says:

Never come to Arizona

where's my mind says:

I wonder why….

AngryUkGuy says:

Don’t come to England please

Danky Boi says:

Don’t ever come to Hong Kong you disrespectful cunt

Jhurgen M says:

Can anyone tell me the name of the sick song please?

UnwornLocket 380 says:

Dont ever visit the phillipines

Eshal Fawad says:

I am sitting here watching his old vlogs waiting for him to upload a new one and how he is what is he upto

letslurkbec says:

Please don’t come to australia

Cole Safferi says:

btdubs you say its all about respect

flamingpotato gaming says:

Hi logan i am your 1 fan i everyday see your video i love you your bro sucks

つけ麺うどん says:


Itsmepina says:

Please don’t come to Germany

That Guy BoNNie says:

I wonder what happens if I hate on a youtuber… *faaahk you*

Nikox says:

Please don’t visit Spain, ok

Anxious Gamer says:

fuck you

Juho Hiltunen says:

Don’t come to Finland. You are not welcome here.

RoSo V2™ says:

Go to Romania at Bran Castle

Vincent L says:

Stay off YouTube.

R Ekuserion says:



Please Don’t come to Japan!!!!!!

xAar0K says:

Dont leave USA ever again.

Juanis Caldera says:

YOU Mean

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