KYOTO + NARA | Solo Traveling Japan

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Daily Camera Bag:
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If I’m not using an interval timer/remote and tripod, I like to hire a local photographer for a quick 30-minute shoot:




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Everlane Wide Leg Trousers

Madewell Booties
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Nick and Helmi says:

Kiyomizu dera looks so beautiful, when i went there it was under repaired

noreen shaw says:

I feel so inspired!! I travel solo a lot but mostly in the states. I cannot wait to go to Japan. Question: how many days were you there? What was the travel over like?

Taylah Roy says:

I love your vlogs! How early did you get to the bamboo forrest and the Fushimi Inari when you were there?

Julia Jornsay-Silverberg says:

Loved this video!!

Victoria Jones says:

Loving your solo travel vlogs, Ali! You are an inspiration to all of us to just GET OUT THERE now and stop putting our adventures on hold while waiting for others’ plans to align with our own! By the way, loving the earrings with the bar/hoop combo in the last scene – where did you get them?!

radiantjewel1 says:

Loved this vlog! You inspired me to book a solo trip to Japan in May 🙂

MsAepfelchen says:

It’s sooo beautiful! I enjoyed all your videos! Japan definitely was on my list before but I think I’ll give it a higher priority!

Utak Caline says:

amazing, love to be in japan too…

Carmit Clausen says:

you look amazing, I love what you’re wearing! I saw your Tokyo bid and loved it. it looks like you’re having lots of fun, I want to go there too! but don’t you get lonely at times?

minipax says:

I loved your video! I have been to Kyoto and it was the best place I have been to. I’m going back in July. Solo travelling is great!

Andrea Miller says:

This series is amazing! Kudos to you for doing this and sharing your experiences with us. I would love to see a video with your solo travel tips. Thank you so much for sharing:)

duo65 says:

Did you do Kyoto and Nara in one day? Can you help give tips maybe on which organized tour to take?

Alex goes Coconuts says:

Me and my family been wanting to visit Japan. Love this travel vlog.

SoFisticadedLayD says:

Did you take al of your photos? If so what kind of tripod did you use?

Lila Blau says:

These are my favourite travel vlogs ever! Thank you for sharing your experiences and adventures with us. 🙂 <3

lucym89 says:

I love watching your travel vlogs! I know you’re from Seattle so could you do a video on must see places in Seattle? My husband and I would love to travel there someday!

scott a says:

These vlogs have been so lovely. Can’t get over those deer! Japan seems to be quite popular with several YouTubers these days …I’ve watched two other vloggers visit there the past month! Its beauty is unmistakable !

Lueda Martinez says:


Nicholas Zoeller says:

thanks for sharing!

Kimmy Lastowicka says:

Your solo travel videos are now my favorite videos to watch of yours, the video quality was amazing and I’m so glad you had a wonderful time! Japan is definitely on my bucket list

Loraine Gabriel says:

Hi Allison! Love the two Japan vlogs! Do you mind telling me your whole itinerary for the time you’ve been? Very anxious as Im planning my trip next year. My itinerary so far is all over the place. Im thinking of going to Tokyo and Kyoto/Osaka/Nara but also want to see Mt. Fuji. Advices pls? Thanks!!

Sarah says:

Where is your next trip??

MsAepfelchen says:

I remember you did solo travel a few years ago, are you planning on doing a few more trips this year?

Bliss Fancy says:

So loving these solo travel vlogs,thank you!

Christopher Franklin says:

I was in Japan back in March 2018. I too was a solo traveler. I was a bit nervous when I landed because my hotel was an hour away from Kansai airport. Once I figured out the rail system, everything was fine after that. Japan is a beautiful friendly country. I will be going back next year!!

Atreyu71 says:

this was great, as someone who is planning to solo travel to japan in the near future, i wish these two videos were a longer and more detailed. also please teach me how you take those amazing instagram shots all the time?

Christine Belle Francia says:

Hi there!! What camera are u using?

CarlyO1092 says:

Thank you for continuing to put out creative, interesting, and worthwhile content. You are one youtuber who has never changed (evolved for sure, but always stayed genuine). I’ve been watching you since you were in college, can’t believe it sometimes! Xo

betty_vulcano says:

Awesome video! How can I get to Gino from the Kyoto station? I was never able to figured that out.

Raquel Mira says:

Looks amazing! I was wondering how you took those beautiful pictures if you went solo?

ARickySuroso says:

Hi im Ricky from Indonesia, a small time YouTuber was wondering Allison mind sharing with me by email or here is fine. What LUT do you use for your videos or im sure you color grade the footage. ^_^ the colours pop up so much its really good. I love you Japan clips i got heaps of mine also. Anyway keep uploading. Let me know about how you colour grade. ^_^

AdrianaL25 says:

Could you possibly talk a bit more about the fly photographer company you’ve been using? I’d love to hear more about it!! Amazing vlogs!! Have really been ejoying them!

Flgirl7777 says:

I’m originally from Japan. I’m glad you liked my country!

ivi122 says:

First it was everyone turning vegan, then everybody doing yoga now everybody’s solo traveling…kind of annoying how ppl are such followers

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