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Kyoto is the number one travel destination in Japan, and because there are SO. MANY. things to see there it can be hard to figure out where to go. These are our three recommendations for first-time visitors: Kiyomizu-dera, Arashiyama (which is also where Tenryu-ji is), and Gion and the nearby street Shijo Dori + Yasaka shrine. Fushimi Inari Taisha is probably one of the more famous areas, but for us it was SO crowded that it was difficult to even get around. It kind of just made me feel sad because you could tell how incredibly beautiful and almost magical it would have been hundreds of years ago, but with the crowds today it was just about impossible to enjoy it. That’s just my opinion, though, and many people love it anyway!

Kiyomizu-dera, Arashiyama, and the Gion general area are all extremely crowded, too (of course), but to me they were worth it despite that. And that’s saying something because I can’t stand crowded tourist spots!!

We also met the amazing singer Reika (of the group Juuichi) on Shijo Dori, and they very graciously allowed us to use their music!!
song: 一閃 by 十一 (Issen by Juuichi)
YouTube video:

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Hai Nguyenduy says:

Its so wonderful!!

Annabelle Jade Corcoran says:

I WANT THOSE CATS!!!!!!! lol Must go to Kiyomizu… and never return lol

塚田沙緒里 says:


pth1707 says:

I spent a week in Kyoto last winter, and this video makes me feel so homesick for there. I loved it, I would go back tomorrow if I could. You are right, even with a week there you still can’t see everything, so much I still want to see (and see again)

Putri Adhiandari says:

jun’s japanese is so nice to hear 🙁

んとしゅ says:


pavithra deokar says:

did anyone notice this ?
Kyoto and Tokyo have the same letters and it’s like it’s halves are shifted

Me Myself says:

I find that anything I watch about Japan is so soothing and calming

Tokyo Dollxo says:

I know the singer, Reika 🙂 she is my friend!

Hazal Nur says:

Oh my goood Kyoto is my top dream!! Now i am making money to go Kyoto

boboongi says:

_Are you going to cheat on me?!_

Vadim Koreshcov says:

Отлично. Подписался. Продолжу смотреть!

Maria Colls says:

Great vid. It would have been cool to have subtitles to what Jun was saying. I still loved the video.

ruth macias says:

Hey rachel and jun Ill be in kyoto july 8th, do you think it’ll be as crowded as it was when you went? I regret going in summer 🙁 but it was this summer or basically never! I hate spiders, crawling creatures, snakes, insects… And I read there are plenty in japan 🙁

の癒しこころ says:

I live in Fukuoka❗

Its Yemmy says:

When I grow up I wanna marry a Japanese man!!!!!

Dream Awake says:

Rachel, one of these days you should try wearing all red, have an eyepatch, and small pigtails at the sides. Guess who you would look like?

Peter Jovic says:

My god Kyoto is my favourite in japan.i have been going there every year in july can never get sick of tokyo osaka saporo Hokkaido

Skruff says:

The bamboo forest (arashiyama) itself was the biggest and most likely only dissapointment i experienced in three weeks of japan. Everything around it was nice.

Moira • says:

We are going to visit japan by this month and I know this is a quite stupid question but i desperately need an answer. Are spoons and forks available for use in Japan?

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