Logan Paul Being Massively Disrespectful In Japan

Turns out, Logan Paul’s trip to Japan was problematic for many reasons.

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Comment ‘yikes’ if you read this far 😉


Andrew Jackson says:

Logan Paul would cause a 2nd pearl harbor

Audrey Young says:

He’s so s t u p i d.

Wh y

Jus t w h y

PeteZuh Party says:

Logan paul you are truly a fucking asshole and a piece of shit.

how about no says:

typical spoiled white racist trash with absolutely no empathy

Cinthia C says:

THIS IS AWFUL! HE IS AN AWFUL PERSON…. this is sad for US americans who are actually nice people and respectful to everyone… because everyone thinks you all are exactly like this idiot… please lock him up somewhere…. I’m embarrassed for you..I was in Japan and the level of respect they have for each other, for TURISTS, and for every single little thing is remarkable, and so admirable…I feel really sorry for Japan being disrespected like this… this is really… really… fucking sad…..

Morgan Brandy says:

Let’s revoke his passport. We Americans have a bad enough reputation abroad as it is!

Lordomir says:

If i see logan paul in serbia i will kill myself instantly

And also logan paul is example of these kids which parents kept in house whole vacation cuz they were ruining vacation…and that example of kid now going on his own -.-

Jacob Pringle says:

This is hilarious

Dondor Morns says:

What is that red fish he was holding?

KimiKam says:

If you are American and would respect Japan don’t feel bad or sorry. Logan’s fault.

Corinthian says:

Logan: Japan is all about that respect
Logan 2 seconds later: (autistic screeching)

somebody touched my spaghet says:

Yeah fuck logan paul. He gives us americans a bad name.

Zach Rowe says:

Someone shoot this man

andy vb says:

what a w..nker…. grow up

I like Memes says:

The japanese shouldnt have surrendered in WW2

OverHYPEdVegeta 9000!! says:

GaijinGoombah, if you see this know that I’m only spreading this because it’s a good message:

i try to be aesthetic at all costs says:

I’m part Asian, and if he tried to catch my mom, she would slap the crap out of him.

simpleplanfan011 says:

He makes me feel so sick. I don’t understand how anyone with a brain could defend this/him.

Aguvika says:


Simeon o says:

I hope someone finds him in the suicide forest.

Daniel Quainoo Quainoo says:


Honor Kerley says:

what a massive piece of shit

Albert Mackson says:

funny bloke

zagorith14 says:

Oh. My. Dear. God. What is wrong with this guy? I seriously want to ask the forgiveness of every Japanese citizen out there. I’m disgusted myself. I want so badly to insult him, but I’m not wasting my time or energy on this waste of life. Disgusting…

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