Our Japan trip wrap up! Tips and tricks for travel plus Q&A!

The Crane Couple wraps up their latest Japan trip! We give our final thoughts on this amazing trip, including some tips and tricks for traveling to Japan as well as a Q&A where we answer some of our fan’s questions about Japan!

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Kawaii potato Hugger says:


Christine savage fam says:

You always give us more content and a ton of machines that a lot of us have never and might never see. I love watching super cool things like ufo catchers and robot ones incredible.

craftie creator says:

Hi there I love your videos sooooooooooooo much!

anima05 says:

Such an awesome video and very interesting, thank you! Me and my bf have nowhere near enough money for a japan trip in the next couple of years, but I will think back on your tips and info! Thank you for this lovely and informative video, I love to watch you guys :3
I also wondered for a long time how the language barrier is and I’m happy to hear that it’s not too bad! I also learned japanese in college so I would freshen that up a bit before a trip and then we should be fine 🙂

The Crane Couple says:

Hello everyone! All good things must come to an end – but we assure you, we stuffed a LOT of great info into this video! Huge thanks to all the wonderful fans who asked questions, hopefully we answered them thoroughly! Let us know what you think and have a great day 🙂

Andrew Garcia says:

In Japan, what place has the best claw machines?
With the rain could you eat street food?
Describe all your gear so we can get a idea?
When’s the wedding?

J Allen says:

The maid servicein the hotel will have a Vaccum cleaner. Make up a story about getting dirt everywhere and offer to vacuum it up yourself and I’m sure they’ll gladly let you do it.

m24mura1 says:

Great video guys!!! I’m originally from Japan and hear you talk about it makes me homesick! Keep up your awesome vlogs, and hope to see your Japan trip #3 soon!

Adri LOL says:

thanks to you for creating a very entertaining and fun channel

Christine savage fam says:

Ramen is the best love it

Michelle Johnson says:

Did you ever run into Kawaii Arcade Masters while you were there? They live in Japan and go to the same arcades as you. I’m sure you already know that. BTW-How did you and Brittany meet?

Senria says:

I was in Japan last year September and we had awesome weather in Tokyo and kyoto. I guess we stole all the sun SO SORRY XD yes, these vaccum bags saved our lives. We didn’t went to everyday ufo but we spent a lot of money in Ikebukuro. The day we went there, they got the new prize only rowlets and of course I had to get one. I know, we had a small arcade next to our train station in Kanda, we won tons of fat plushies there too.
I actually watched all of your Japan videos before and was like “They did it like this and this!” It didn’t work, cuz in Germany we don’t have arcades so… I had like zero experience XDD” but still, I got a lot! Next time, vaccum bags for you two. :,D love you guys. Big fan from Germany here! I hope i’m able to support you two soon with more than just watching your videos!

Christie Foster says:

Always in a good mood with a new video. Thanks

Sethusk says:

I know it’s always best to take as much spending money as possible on vacation, but about how much money do you need to have a nice time for about a week? Feel free to include or exclude things like food and lodgings.

karla trenado says:

This video is very helpful
I’m currently planning a 2019 Japan trip with my bf
And this video is great

Regina Sullivan says:

You guys should meet up with Kawaii Arcade Masters the next time you go to Japan and do a collab. They know all the best places to go and they are from the United States as well. I think you guys would have alot of fun with Nancy and Machaiah and their two daughters. Machaiah is stationed in the military there. It would be great to see some kind of collab even if you did it and sent things back and forth to each other.

tamara pavolva says:

I spent all my yen in japan and its so worth it! Also anything umbreon ill happily take 😉 also gracery is amazing! Its a 5 min walk from the station which is nothing

simplebeautyxx says:

Are you guys both full time youtubers?

Kate D says:

I brought compression bags the last time I went to Japan, it was super helpful for the big plushies! They’re the kind that you basically roll up to get all the air out, before zipping. It allowed me to fit everything in my one suitcase and carryon, and not have to use my backup duffle.

Tenriyuu86 says:

So last year I traveled to Dallas a bunch for work. Since where I currently live there are no decent arcades, I think 2 but they’re super expensive, I played at Dave and Busters and also Round1 almost every week. I found the cheapest way to transport plushies is with a trash bag, I ended up getting large kitchen bags that way I can see through the plastic to see the plush inside. I would put a plush in one bag, depending on how big it is can put multiple in a bag, make sure there’s enough room to tie it up. Once the plush is in the bag I would sit/lay on the bag until the air is out, make sure you start from the “bottom” of the bag and have a hold around the opening of the bag. Once you’ve fully squashed the bag tie it while still laying on it, watch out for pants though as buttons and zippers can puncture the bag and rendering it useless. This way may sound strange but I didn’t have any other way to do this and had to improvise.

Patti Volkman says:

That worked out GREAT! You should not spend time (waste time) while you are in Japan on editing and posting anyway…your time there is much better spent filming, playing, shopping, touring and maybe just resting between. Of course if u can post US pre-filmed and pre-edited videos while u are there, as you did, then even better for us! Then it was so fun to watch the mix of US and Japan videos from the trip playing from then until now. Definitely a good plan, thanks!
I spent lots of time in the Kobe and Osaka area. When I went to college my parents moved to Ashiya from 1998 to 2001. Every break I went to Japan! It’s the best! But arcades were mostly pichinco around us or that’s what we found. Maybe I will get to go back someday! Thanks guys you are the best!

The Tanner Channer says:

So did you get the cookie time plush in ooooonnnnnneeeeeee????

Lindsay Leonard says:

You can get bags that you just squeeze the air out of instead of vacuum

Sandy Hernandez says:

Arcades are really expensive. I thought round 1 here was too much, but it went up from 8 to 9 credits and the last time I went (which was last weekend) they have nothing related to rilakkuma. It made me sad.

Krystal Schnackenberg says:

You can get space saver bags with a handpump

Arcade Kaos says:

Awesome video

Jennifier Ruska says:

Thanks so much guys. It is after watching your first vid in Japan that I decided to go for my 40th birthday this year. Heading in October so hopefully we don’t get the weather you did. These questions have been a huge help.

RNBro- Mr.Flake says:

Awww man I can’t wait for you guys to go again! The content you make from these Japan videos is the greatest!!! Luckily I might be visiting Japan soon (hopefully next spring) and I’m gonna bring a lot of money! Great Video (and great videos of you guys in Japan!) Maybe next time you go you’ll win the gachapon in the sushi restaurant!!!

NolaDad08 says:

Thank you for this we are planning a 2020 trip. The kids will be old enough to make the trip and enjoy it. Don’t fly during a Typhoon CHECK! I have bookmarked this video for when we go back to play Cookie Time CHECK! Thanks for answering the question about how much you spend. It helps us budget. STILL BETTER THAN ROUND 1 that was so funny! Every Day UFO CHECK! This was great thank you for sharing about proper filming etiquette.

Liza Terra ASMR says:

Whoo hoo yay

Carina S says:

About the space bags, I had them when I studied abroad in China. Packing them the second time (when I went home) was a bid harder (my mom helped me the first time around) but I still got my clothes in pretty good. I feel like the tube on my Chinese vacuum cleaner was smaller than the one here in Germany and so it didn’t fit that well, but I got it to work (just had to hold it in place with one hand) and it is still better than shipping stuff the normal way.
I highly recommend them if you stay somewhere for a longer period of time or want to bring back a lot of stuff. It will give you so much space in your luggage or parcels!
I think if it’s clothes you can also roll them to push the air out, but with plushies I’d go for a vacuum cleaner.
Maybe the nice hotel employees can lend you a vacuum for a bit (maybe in the evening when they don’t need it) or your idea of buying a cheap one from Don Quijote might be worth it for someone like you who ships insane amounts. It would also take away your stress about trying not to win so much, because imagine to be able to stuff those bags with even more plush by simply shrinking them in a space bag every couple of days – it also helps with moving around in small hotel rooms as you can just vacuum it and shove it into a bag.

Susan Huynh says:

We’re planning our second trip to Japan in June. We purchased and plan to bring space savers and the hand pumps to try to push down our plushies. The only downside is the amount of weight of our luggage and if it would pass the check-in without extra cost. We chose the Remm akihabara hotel for the second time bc of its location next to the train station. Last time we went it was in August and we missed the typhoon and the rest of the time, it was very hot & humid. We have to do our research for this coming June. Thanks for all your advice from the last Japan trip video to this one. 🙂

Nathan YoYoYo says:

Prize room tour plz

blackcatje says:

Thanks so much for the awesome content guys. 😀 I got to your channel through the Japan video’s about a month (?) ago and have been binge watching quite a lot of eps since. I know you guys don’t like accepting money or asking for it, but have you guys considered setting up a Patreon account? I won’t be able to sponsor for much, but I would love to contribute a little to the awesome content you guys make :). And Patreon does allow you to give something back to those who sponsor you. Like a personalized postcard, or something of your merch depending on the amount they sponsor you for and even tiny bonus vids for those that sponsor you. That way it may not feel like you are just accepting money without giving back? Anyway, this is of course completely up to you guys and you guys should 100% do whatever feels best for you.

Oh and I have been meaning to write this, but Britney, I love, love, love your t-shirts. They are so cute! I want them all too 😀

Sending you guys lots of love from Holland 😉

vince pham says:

It’s funny you guys said that about the ditto at the airport. When I was going home I stopped by the Pokémon center at narita airport and they had a snorlax that size and I already had a carry on and I bought it haha so funny

Christine savage fam says:

Will probably never be able to go to japan so I love there videos

Adri LOL says:

I feel special for having responded

Carina S says:

Don’t worry about taking your time editing, I really love how you edit them, they’re so nice to watch!

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