Pokémon GO Travel – Japan Adventures

Thank you #Niantic for this amazing #Sponsored Pokémon GO opportunity. Mario and I had so much fun exploring Japan and playing Pokémon GO with fellow trainers! I hope you enjoy the video adventure and let us know your favorite moments in the comment section!

Find out more about Pokémon GO Travel: https://pokemongolive.com/travel/

Fellow Trainers:
Rachel – https://www.instagram.com/seltzerplease/
Jeff – https://www.instagram.com/jeffyfeng/?hl=en
Coisa de Nerd –
Red – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRdMmSsi1jm-yjyOwcxOdoQ

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Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/pokemongoapp
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PokemonGO/
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/PokemonGoApp

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DIVINE 1738 says:

Like Jesus Christ

Eleah Poulin says:

If you read this then you have personally

Noëlla'sGameTime says:

OMG this is soo cool, I still play Pokémon Go. I love it.

galaxy gamergirl says:

I saw the ad it was awesome

Maryam Memo4life says:


Rosalba Aguilar says:

My Birthday is December 13

Flower Star AJ says:

3:15 Jeff looks like the guy who sung gangnam style

DIVINE 1738 says:

Your husband is fucking some els e

DIVINE 1738 says:

So just go die

Melody Animates says:

Omg I just saw you and Red in the pokemon go add and I stopped and watched the whole thing XD

Btw I never watch adds…

Tevrat Kulug says:

Ur makeup looks soo different but soo beautiful!!!

CoolCat gaming on roblox says:


cookies and cream says:

Make up outfit earing on fleek !

Oraks Mokoena says:

Do a husband vs wife video about airconsole

Nick kaori Games 0108 says:

I want more child of light

Matt Taekicakes says:

Did it hurt when the monk at the temple his you?

Jellybean Fox Josiebean says:

Tiff I would recommend you tap the pokeball because I haven’t ever even lost a Pokémon in a pokeball with a normal pokeball

Kevin Janssen says:

iHasCupquake your my hero forever i love you and hope you get a good gift for christmas. MARRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU. make a video of you opening your gifts on christmas. XOXOXO

Flor Calderon says:

I seen the add so cool

Maria Luiza Moreira says:

Hey There Tiffany! I’m a big fan of yours and Leon and Nilce. Love your channel <3 (i'm Brazilian)

Alexa Quiroga says:

When they were meditating and they hit her back I was like OMLLLL DID THAT HUET!?!?!

little coco Horsford says:

can you shout out my chanel Littlecoco horsford

brad wall says:

The anime the Manga the food I’m a little bit salty

Oraks Mokoena says:

Cupquake please try airconsole next

Ra y says:

Love uuuu from Japannn❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ziva Arimura says:

I am half Japanese

Cero99 says:

I found this trick just now online for getting PokeC oins! it is online here – xamgz.com/1pokemongo?279188

DIVINE 1738 says:

Go kill your self

Paula Frye says:

This is such an amazing video! Thanks for sharing your adventures in Japan with us! This is so inspirational! 🙂

RarityisBP says:

Leon and Nilce brought me here!

Tiny Winy says:

Im brazilian and screamed as I saw you in Leon’s video XD

JupiGames says:

I saw the ad.

Lps Sea unicorn says:

Can u and red do a Christmas series like the one u did with chim

Erick Santos says:

Why did he hit u with the stick

Kendall Suarez says:

Ihascupquake You Look So Pretty!

Alexa Quiroga says:

PS going 2 Japan is on my Christmas list c; X3

Jaqueline Benitez says:


Race Animates says:

Omg I’m in Japan rn! OMG It’s so cold here T^T and I vomited so it isn’t the best 😛 but eh

Roxy Doxy says:

Omg a deer ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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