PSH 2014 Japan Trip VLog Day 1: JAPAN BOUND

Every two years Parkway South’s Japanese program organizes summer trip to Japan. This is the third of the summer trips and my second time going on a summer school trip to Japan. Our trip consisted of a homestay in a city called Suwa in the Nagano prefecture of Japan for ten days. Then we went Kyoto and stayed for 2 nights at a traditional Japanese hotel. Then we stayed 8 days in Tokyo to finish up our 20 day trip.

Our group consisted of the Japanese teacher, another adult chaperone, and 8 students from Parkway South. Of these students 6 were seniors who graduated two weeks before the trip.

It was a fun and enjoyable experience and I hope that I can return to Japan at some point.


PikaGurlGamez says:

I LOVE the book BitterBlue!!!!

Kayla Little says:

i really wanna go to japan and learn their language

alex arellano says:

I want to go to Japan so bad the culture the food and entertainment it’s all awesome

ClothesMindedBabe says:

im going to Japan in a few months with my highschool and this video has made me even more excited lol

Jericho says:

You guys are from Missouri, too!?

pokelol97 says:

you gonna go again in summer 2016?

PsychoSeraph Amv's says:

Not fair my school decides to go to America!!!!
But i want to go to japan!!!!!!!


You guys enjoy your time! I’m going next year! 2015

YEahBOiZzzz Help says:

Suck a tiny plane, at least you have a t v

Maya Chapman says:

I get to go to the ile of white

Leogk001 says:

How much did it cost to go to Japan?

Emmett Rasmussen says:

wow, is 2 years to the day

Rain Zimmer says:

i dont know what but i was glued to watching this video. to me it was so exiciting.. i guess its because of the thought that im going to be doing that soon

hotpocketpoison says:

jesus…a *highschool* trip to Japan??? that school must be rich as hell. in my highschool, the closest thing we got to a field trip was class outdoors once a year LOL! xD

Zepwny says:

Welp in my senior year my school is doing a trip to Japan..hopefully i will be able to go.

Katy Depalma says:

it not fair…i want to go to japan..i know it will never happen

kinmokusei2222 says:

At 4:17 all of a sudden princess Anna appeared and said Ooops lel

BabyNibZiLLA says:

Does Valerie go to Mizzou?

diachan12 says:

How much did it cost for you all to go?

Baileigh Blanchard says:

What where guys talking about with the girl not co jog cuz she didn’t feel good or something what happened

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