School trip to Japanese Universities in Saitama and Tokyo // japan vlog #4

Hello! A few weeks ago we had a school trip to visit two Japanese Universities. It was very fun and I vlogged the whole trip, so here it is! Stay tuned for part two! ♡
– So

☆About me:
My name is Sofía and I’m an exchange student in Japan.

•Where do you come from?
I was born in Mexico and I live in Canada.
•How old are you? 17
•How did you learn to speak Japanese? For how long have you been learning it?
I’ve been learning Japanese on my own on and off since 2015. I learn it by studying out of Japanese-learning textbooks and watching educational YouTube videos. I guess I could say I’m a beginner – intermediate, but I’m constantly learning and practicing to improve my Japanese.
•How did you go on exchange?
I’m on exchange through an exchange program called Rotary.
•For how long will you be staying in Japan?
I’ll be on exchange here for 11 months.
•What grade are you in?
I was placed in 二年 (second grade) in my Japanese high school.
•Are all classes only in Japanese? Yes.
•How far do you live from school?
It takes me about 20 minutes to get to school by train.

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Day Dreamers Crew Official says:

HeLLo Sofia

Sara Okanovic says:

Why do sme girls have masks?

PUBGMAN : says:

Hey , new follower here

A Strange Girl says:

Hi can you do a Ask about japan please ✨

Jan Koning says:

They are so cute 🙂

maanish Pasvan says:

nice city what you upload shinchan house please

Sahil Singh says:

r u indian?

DanyAl Mohsin says:

i love Japan Nd There People..Love From India

Bijaya Limbu says:

All beautiful girls

coward hunter says:

Why they wear masks ?

DDY Daddy Ayah says:

I not seeing any university

Aitsi Faissal says:

2: Hay Sofia we are you from

Abhay Raj says:

Everything Is so organized. I love it

Viki Its You says:

Hay.. Sofia.. I really like japan & japanese people.. Its nice to see u…

phal sann says:

What grade do you study?

Abril Coromina Javier says:

Waaaa Im so excited for your next video!! Harajuku is so interesting
I love you Sofíaaa❤️

Hernando Ocampo says:

2:16 Oh my god, she is so beautiful, someday I’ll go to Japan. wait for me baby :u

Akash Barua says:

I desperately want to go japan,

Emma Bieber says:

Hey guis(freinds)! My name is Emma and i from Russia , my natonial Azeri.Thank u next(Ariana Grande).

Deku Tensai says:

You looks like an Indian girl

amanul mandal says:

love from india

Sanjay Rawat says:

Anata was indojin desu ka nihojin desu ka

Aramae Arenas says:

When you learn Japanese it was hard for you ?

Gabriela says:

Espero que em outra vida eu tenha a oportunidade de nascer no Japão… Kk.

Mr Singh says:

Welcome to anime world my dream land

Hülya Sert says:

You are cute

кристин н says:

I am wondering how you are dealing with all the cute japanese guys…..????

Yusufu Simba says:



Tienes cara de latina

learn with adnan says:

waw, so nice video , i like Japan always

Si Ucok says:

Sofia, are you in Japan in middle school or high school ??

Victor Hugo Garcia says:

are u an exchange student?

Katie B says:

wow i’m so glad i found your channel! around this time last year i was lucky enough to visit japan and i miss it dearly! thanks for all of the awesome content!

Dfo Brasil says:

i need to say tanks youtube for bring me to this channel 🙂

Viki Its You says:

Hay sofia where r u from? U don’t look like Japanese? #just asking

ケケイン ラヤ says:

Aahhh very kawaii

Avni with you says:

You are still in Japan and you do not have to live in your home Canada plz answer me

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