Surprising My Boyfriend In Japan | Tokyo, Japanese Food, & Summer Love | Sanne Vloet

Surprise Trip to TOKYO | Surprising My Boyfriend, Japanese Food, & Exploring A New City | Sanne Vloet

Hi Guys!

So I travel a lot and usually it’s for work, but I’ve been wanting to visit JAPAN for so long now. I’ve heard the most amazing things and when I heard my boyfriend was going for work I decided to surprise him in Japan.

Sadly, my surprise didn’t work out like I had planned. When I first landed in Tokyo there was a little travel drama, but after it all got sorted the four days I got to spend in Tokyo was something that I will never forget!

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Thank you to everyone who helped me organize the surprise!


xoxo, kat says:

omggg how long have they been together

Hin Dew says:

You have such a zen vibe and feeling to you. Just subscribed to your channel, i lived it from the first minute xxx

rose says:

I love Tokyo!

Velvet Target says:

u guys are so cuteee

Anne M says:

I love this video. Can you do an ‘evening routine’ (what you do when you get home from work) video? Just like you did for your last video?

Goungupla B says:

awuu!! i guess u mostly have bad luck with airlines


why the hell are you with him

KB force says:

wow i didn’t know many people from other country coudn’t take onigiri package
its so easy ,you should try it again

jess phy says:

Your positivity and optimism shine through the whole video <3 Love love your videos! Please keep sharing xx


Come to Thailand on the winter season you will love it

Aislinn Evans says:

I love how energetic you get around him! 😀

Kathleen Alano says:

omg the same thing happened to me about the luggage when I went to Japan last May! Luckily I still haven’t left the airport and the person who got my luggage haven’t either so it got resolved pretty quickly.

Eveline Johanson says:

Wow that’s so cute that you went all the way to Tokyo, btw you guys are a cute couple! <3

E. Vikr says:

Looks very much like downtown Chicago.

Amande Douce says:

He is very cute and she is of course simply perfect in her face and body. Did she say crap places?

psychsista says:

Haha „mushi“ means in german „vagina“ Crazy that food is called like that in japan!

Aliss H says:

you guys are so cute together!! ☺️☺️

chobi@ says:

I live in Japan,and I’m pleased to know that you enjoyed your stay in Tokyo❤️
I hope you’ll come back again!

Debbie Ng says:

Sanne, if you got a day off in nyc, what places you like to visit or often goes to, except gym. What do you like about west village?

prehida permatasari says:

Yeayyy laff this video somuch xxxxxx

Sara A says:


Stephanie Rogers says:

I Love everything about this video!!!! Sanne your man is fineeee haha enjoy your first job together!!!

Leslie-Ann Diaz says:

I love your few clumsiness…sooo cute Sanne ❤

Diego Tañafranca says:

so sweet!

satsuki914 says:

AHHHHH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! You guys are so cute together! And obviously you both are so happy to be with each other❤️

Mahnoor Khan says:


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