Tips for Traveling in Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Beyond)

Traveling around Japan is really fun! There’s the Shinkansen, local trains, buses, cars, and loads of flights crossing the country! Joining me tonight is Nosh Abroad (our moderator) to talk about Traveling around Japan and we’ll take some questions 🙂


Ren3 says:

To really see a different side of Japan in the future, you will need to rent a car. More and more train lines are being discontinued and abandoned. Most recently the Sankō line. JR pass users are much more likely to visit rural areas than tourists who rent a car or bus. As such it is really a shame that there is not alot we can do to keep rural rail routes running! Perhaps you can raise some awareness John!

Jesse Granat says:

The last trip out there I would get up at 2am to do our laundry as the machines were mostly taken (business hotels), but then I would take my opportunity to wander to the convenience store nearby and browse, catch the bread truck making deliveries, and seeing who else was out at 2am. Will do it again in the fall :).

epi1337 says:

Last year in september I made to Kinkakuji 3 minutes before closing. I was afraid they will not let me in, but it was perfect. Almost empty, just a few people and there was still enough time inside to make tons of photos 😉

Russell Davis says:

John it was because of you and your shows that made my decision to come to Japan EASY! I wanted to come but seeing your videos was the tipping point for me and THANK YOU.

batuhan yesilbursa says:

It was much easier getting around 20 years ago. We covered the old city, temples, castles, and the monkey mountain in 2-3 days. From what I watch now, I think it takes longer to walk around because of the amount of tourists causing congestion.

3mapletrees says:

Nice to meet Nosh after all this time.

FLY BIRD says:

love you john

wrennjb says:

Does anyone know about the foreign transaction fees for any legit payment app on android?

Derek Lee says:

Glad you were able to meet with Nosh so he could share his travel experience.

Dango and Tea says:

I stayed in Asakusa for about 3 weeks before and was walking distance to the sky tree. I recommend going there to see it close to night maybe like 5pm, there’s some great shopping opportunities around and right at the sky tree mall. So you can go up to the park at the base of the sky tree for free, I wouldn’t pay to go up the sky tree though.

emergency0314 says:

Love It. I’m coming to Japan for the first time on the 18th of August to the 8th of September. I’ll be visiting Tokyo, Sendai, Zao, Mt. Fuji, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Hiroshima & Miyajima. I can’t wait, this was 2 years of planning and many of your video’s gave me a lot to consider what to see. Cheers from Canada and thanks for the great content.

Florencia says:

Thank you for another awesome stream I must visit this bar when I’m in Tokyo again !!!! Thank u for the shout out John !!!!! And everyone smash that like button!!!!

IshiYoshiLover says:

I agree to the point if you are going anywhere. Just Go! It may not be comfortable but the sight at Kinkakuji is beautiful:3

Mareak Vecmin says:

Hey John, can you share with us the name of the sling bag you used in making of the video? I want to get one too. thanks.

John maybe you can create a video contents showing all the snack foods and drinks that are unique to Japan. Like the one you had just now lol

Kip Anderson says:

About the typhoon; It looks like it’ll make landfall sometime tomorrow. But that could change to early Thursday depending on the wind speed.

jeff says:

Hi there iv just subscribed to your channel im thinking about solo traveling to japan next year for a week how would I find someone that could maybe show me around or is it easy to make friends in japan

Cyrille Segers says:

Same with the bamboe forest Go early

Asian Movie Enthusiast says:

When I go to Arashiyama, I go as early in the morning as I can.  There is definitely a patch of time where I can feel relaxed there, but it’s before the crowds arrive.  The same is true with Fushimi Inari; which has some pretty cool neighborhoods nearby to walk around in too.

AwesomeAdam From 2099 says:

Hey john awesome streme I hopefully you watch my video on my channel.

Kevin Axl says:

Hey john im going to tokyo at 13th January for 4 days, can you give me quick travel tips? TiA 😀

Janet Hirakawa says:

When one is living in Japan, how do you handle IRS Taxes and Social Security?

iskandartaib says:

Bring the hug pillow to Singapore…  ^_^  Family friendly – how about that Tokyo Skydome? Where the ferris wheel was..

Katori Shingo says:

Great too see Nosh again!
Is that his real name?

Mindless Marty says:

Seeing the live stream it seemed super natural , but I was worried all the time if I was disturbing the stream as I didn’t want to ruin John’s work.

Either way, i did it for you guys in the chat and I didn’t know if i would get another opportunity to meet John and Nosh. They are super experts in Japan. I was so excited i even said I was here since September but its August lol, I am here since 4th of July actually…my brain just wasn’t working properly with the excitement and after a day programming.

Also, I am not on holidays, I work as a software developer for Philip Morris Japan so I only get the weekends to actually explore Japan. Sorry chat if I wasn’t a great contribution. If i didn’t had a deploy today at 22:30 PM japan time I would stay longer to chat some more but I also had to go. Maybe next time…anyway thank you so much everyone. John is as real as it gets and Nosh is a super cool guy too. Glad to see we have a good community. Thanks again everyone. Much love <3

PS: Sorry for the long text...I might pop again sometime tho <3

Sri Lankan Flyer says:


Angus MacRoy says:

We need more Marty

Andyga2007 says:

Nosh should have his own channel. He’s great!
It seemed he carried John.

Zen Hobbit says:

What ! expected him to be college dude.

ShandyTown says:

OMG! You can use Apple Pay to recharge your SuICA, even if you’re English speaking? I looked it up about a month ago, and it said your region has to be set to Japan for it to work, so presumably you have to be able to read and understand Japanese? I just downloaded the SuICA app, it’s all in Japanese…. but can you just add your card to your Apple Wallet, and set it to auto-recharge somehow? We’ve both got iPhone 8 Plus phones… if there’s a way to do this, please explain! How convenient!

ShandyTown says:

FYI… the Tokyu Stay chain has hotel rooms with the washer/dryer unit IN the hotel room, across the board. We rebooked our upcoming stay scheduled for the Citadines Kyoto Gojo to the tokyu stay kyoto ryogaemachi-dori, because it is practically brand new, slightly cheaper than the Citadines, and has a washer/dryer in every room. It can’t get easier than being able to do your laundry as you’re winding down in the evening after a long day of sightseeing, in your own room!

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