TOKYO, JAPAN – Travel Video Montage

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Tokyo, Japan is quite easily my favourite city I’ve ever visited! The vast size and amazement of Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro and more is simply insane! I put this short film together to submerge you into the fast paced culture of Tokyo and Japan! Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

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I really enjoy travelling and hope to make a series of these style of videos. Check out my Paris video from last year:

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The Mind of Nate says:

Hey Joe! I always love watching your videos especially montages like this. makes me want to go where you’ve been! Oh got a questions for you. Do you use steadicam for your shots? they’re so smooth when you’re walking.

DJ Conor says:

i love Japan from Skierniewice Poland 🙂

Disneymagic says:

I love Japan, because the people is pleasant

Berto T says:

I’m going to Tokyo in 2 weeks!!! This hypes me up even more!!

Tommy Dang says:

Awesome video! One question though: How do you keep your camera so steady all the time? Is it just practice, or are you using a stabilizer? Cuz I’m having a lot of trouble keeping my camera steady, especially when walking!

heddalivia says:

awesome video! I am trying to do some editing myself however, I am having a lot of trouble finding music that I’m allowed to use. I was wondering if you had any tips?

Adil K says:

Joe – you are such a cutie! Are you Australian?

FeeDBacKMKII says:

1:17 ahh the good old suica card i stilll have my too in 2 years she runs out still i made a good use while i was traveling in japan all the times


Hey!! This is a great travel video. I’ve created a Japan travel video too! Feel free to check it out and subscribe!

Quin Duvoltar says:

japan is an hell on earth with its racist people, its expensive things and  its tiny appartments.

Christine Seo says:

love the video but cringed when you dipped the rice part of the sushi in the soy sauce haha

mango paradise says:

love this !! makes me want to go back again 🙂
i noticed that your thumbnail was actually used in another video called drake type beat – Tokyo? was wondering if you could say the channel that had initially posted it? although they used your photo 🙁 the music content was great and i’d like to listen to more of their stuff
thanks!! and keep up the vids! you’ve got another subscriber!!

BatakGemblung says:

love your video.. im planning to japan also with my wife and want a travel video like yours. But one thing really bothers me…
Since my wife not really in to photography.. how do you make travel video and also take lots of photos without ruin your holiday .. i mean i dont want to be to focus on making video and forget to enjoy the trip.
I want to make good travel video for both of us.. but im afraid that i might ruin the trip it self.. since im the only photograper and video maker hahaha.
Thanks in advance for the tips

잠자는 새 *생산* says:


Aaron Mark says:
I tried making my first video but it’s just a trailer to my youtube channel

tанвеер says:

my dream city

Kenneth Surat says:

wow beautiful edit buddy!!!! 🙂 So inspiring

philip gibbeson says:

I love your channel! Not big headed just good down to earth tutorials and amazing locations. Deffo made me decide that Tokyo is the next travel destination!

Eros Vellucci says:

I love it!!! Whats your next adventure going to be ? You wanna come skydiving in Madrid with me?

Erik Thureson says:

Good work!

RoCCo CarmeLL says:

how do people travel like this…so much in a year and so….If u have steady job,u have. 1 week of hollidays a year maybe two but thats it….do people win the lottery or have rich parents I mean am so jeleaus its unbelivable

give this weeb some oxiJIN says:

i’ve been to most of the places in this vid so it feels really personally.

Snežana Zlaticanin says:

wow.just wow


Just posted a short travel video and it would be awesome if you could check it out! comment and i’ll check yours out and subcribe! thanks! 😀

Blanche says:

Where is the shot at 2:02 taken from?

Daniel Gospodinov says:

You’re a pussy ass bitch. why you do that to my man Justin Kase smh

sarahi the rat ! says:

some day i hope to make a video like this

therealbryancubelo says:

permission to share this vid.

LaurenTiare says:


Vittorio Concepcion says:

What’s the song used in this video? Thanks in advance! 🙂

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