TOKYO TRIP 🇯🇵 – Day 1 – Traveling to Tokyo, AirBNB house, Amazing Ramen, and a Japanese Pharmacy

We were in Tokyo for 7 days, and vlogged our whole trip! This is Day 1, where we journey from Narita Airport to our AirBNB house in western Tokyo. It was my first time being back in Japan, my home country, in 17 years!

For our first day, Marie and I were awake for about 21 hour straight. We spent many hours commuting… and were finally glad to check into our AirBNB in Hounancho, a quick 15 minute trip west of Shinjuku Station.

Once we dropped off our bags, we just wanted to get out and eat some real Japanese food, and what’s better than some authentic Japanese ramen!

To answer many questions, no, I’m not Japanese. I am Korean-American. My mother is from Seoul. My father is from Chicago.

I was born and raised in Japan, and grew up on U.S. Navy bases there. My father was in the U.S. Navy for 30 years, which makes me a certified Navy brat. ^^

To be specific, I was born in Okinawa, lived in Yokosuka city (elementary & middle school), and Sasebo city (high school). I left in 1999 after finishing high school…

Tokyo Trip Day 1:

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Christine Tien says:

That character on tissue is Yokai Watch, my son loves it! I miss Tokyo! Love this video. But not so much on your airbnb though cos I’d prefer to rent a whole place to myself (*_*)

Selo Vlogs says:

take me there

Ryan's Rants says:

Thoroughly enjoyed this, looking forward to my own trip next year

Wafaa Ayub says:

I will go to japan in next month, exciting and nervous.. is this month the weather really cold???

Sonic The hedgehog says:


Ani Noerannisa says:

nice and informative videos. i see that you went to tokyo on early march. how was the weather, is it supercold because i’m planning to go there on late feb to early march. i’m kinda concern about how cold it would be. thank you 🙂

albrenza says:

Ah so lovely, i remember mine we just vacationed last january 10 to 20, and i couldnt wait to see mine posted here on youtube, but idk why it would ask me to verufy my account because its 26 minutes long and after i verified it already, processing wont move at all 🙁

Alia Mysha says:

Miss tokyo. hopefully I can go there again soon.aamiin. thanks for the video. Regards from bekasi,Indonesia.

Apollos Journeys says:

your young it would be nice to see you have fun…. you act like the elderly x

Zabieru McCloud says:

This is one of the best Japanese vlogs I have seen in a while and I have been watching a LOT!

Hi Everyone. says:

I must travel to Japan and Tokyo one day. I have to.

Surya Ningsih says:

I suggest you slurp the ramen really loud, that means you appropriate and love the food, IMHO. The chef will love it, as we could see there wasn’t many customer in the store 🙂 anyway good video!

hadi Leonard says:

I read that airbnb is illegal in japan ??

Lauren C says:

You guys made the most relaxing and fun to watch Japan vlogs I’ve seen on YouTube. Most of the vlogs are like 18 year old kids dressed in harajuku type fashion being hyper and loud (not a bad thing at all just not something I want to do when I go with my boyfriend and friends, being in our mid twenties) so this was a treat to watch a more toned down but still really immersive vlog!!

Asif Malik says:

Thanks for the video, you are a nice couple. I will visit Tokyo 05/2017. Do you think I can survive with english and only little japanese?

pumay28 says:

do they have forks? just wondering lol

John Anderson says:

Man I miss Asia

Ines Japan says:

Just started a new youtube channel about Shibuya, Tokyo. Would love to get some feedbacks or any recommendations 🙂 (btw, love this channel!)

Kathy Tham says:

Thanks for this video! It’s so good

jasmintch says:

Hi, hoping u could help, my family of 4 is going to spend 4 days in Tokyo from Narita airport to Shinjuku area then head to Osaka for 3 days then leaving Japan from Osaka.
What is the best train tickets option you recommend us to get? Thank you in advance!

Albert Poor Bear says:

hi you guys are awesome and I subscribe too you guys

Thai Trung Do says:

I have just spent two weeks in Tokyo , especially in the Shinjuku quarter .
Was amazed how it is clean , tidy and charming everywhere . Yoyogi park is a tremendous relaxing place .The food is fine . Magnificent country , I will remember that holiday for a long time .
Thank you for your video which reminds me of my trip.

KristalKlaire says:

목소리 너무 좋아요

coollog says:

15:19 And the sesame adds a really nice, kind of, yeah, well-rounded… XD

穴がありますカード番号 says:

7:40 lol

celtics10206 says:

Hey Cory, do you know the black jacket your wearing in the video?

Ronghui Mr.Ye says:

Your English is very awesome, I felt China when I was 13 ,Now I am 18, my Chinese is still better than my English, I went to School in the USA too.

Terence Tan says:

Why did you buy a Pasmo card vs the Suica Card? I read somewhere you could get the Suica and it would pay for the train from Narita as well.

yamaki blue says:

LOVE the tokyo vids! i kno your focus is korea, but if you go back to japan, can you put together a one time special japanese box on korea curated? as always, thx corie & marie!

Sonic The hedgehog says:

Yeah what the f$%!

WesleySnipzzz says:


bomb gaming says:

I live in Australia,I’m thinking of moving to Japan………..Anime made me do it

Kyle Rosales says:

Is there a Day 7? 🙁

Mike Thums says:

first vlog with actuall “arriving” fotage . thanks. good video

Ken Wong says:

Love Tokyo!!

Porsche Carrera says:

How could you forget your own language when you have born and raised there for 17 years……? How is that possible?

Jenna Fuentes says:

hello i am traveling to tokyo next week and i’m really excited! on ur way to ur airbnb what was the first train you took from the airport? was it the narita express?

ryan mccann says:

you guys are lovely so nice to find your channel ^^

untitledpanda says:

Hi! just wanna ask if there is any restrictions in videography in tokyo? like is it alright to film in stations and trains cause im going to tokyo in a few weeks’ time and im planning to do up a travel log too but im not really sure of the rules there on video/photography and the comments i find on google are rather contradicting so yeah. and will people like stare at you while you film? hahaha thank you so much the video is awesome btw!

bluecoffe3 says:

May I know what equipments do you use? camera? microphone and tripods? for travel vlogs

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