Tokyo Trip 2013 | Chapter 1 | Louis Cole

This vlog is from Feb 2013

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All filmed on a Nikon d7000


EinkOLED says:

The metro in tokyo is so, so complicated. I too visited in early 2013, maybe things have changed since?

Toompsel says:

Why was chapter 2 never uploaded?

rsBigger says:

Can we get bubble tea in England or is it an american drink? 😮

ber170994 says:

its a taiwanese drink if im not wrong O:

lucy young says:

you should go back to tokyo x

Nicole Taylor says:

no that was just banter lol JUST JOKES!

Mika says:

ugh I miss Japan :*)))

CharlieNoa says:

I’m half Japanese

Anne Espiritu says:

Chapter 2 🙁

nagev568 says:

you been sam was using sawyer? cause louis didnt drive a car back in america

Joanna Hernandez says:

Right? It seems like a joke to me.

JessJ says:

you can get them in china town in london XD

jahir espino says:

Chapter 2 !? :C

Ed Rose says:

No chapter 2….

Shelby Sly says:

does louis not drink??

rsBigger says:

Haha yeah man but not since EoC, look me up in hs: B I G

fullysickrockstar says:

I guess Louis totally forgot all about this.

Celine Conti says:

Gonna miss their friendship and roadtrips together. 🙁

Rachel Herrington says:

was anyone spooked by the fish?

Misaki Kawano says:

Come to Japan again!

TiaJLB says:

i thought it was boba tea???? i think its the alternative

ItsmeLil says:

The 7 eleven food in Japan was amazing

Drew Show says:

its real 😮

Carolyn Campbell says:

In all of the vlogs I’ve watched thus far, you appear to be the most joyful on this trip. I can see it on your eyes Louis. Japan is on my bucket list. ♥

Helena noyb says:

Where is chapter two? D:

Lisa Musumba says:

he VISITS his family from time to time; he doesn’t live with them. Plus, I am pretty sure Youtube pays you when you generate a lot of views.

Kevin H says:

OMG it looks so gooood!

Where’s part 2?

duhfiweuhfwi says:

i don’t know but i think it was just a joke

Steph Vlogs says:

I went to Tokyo recently! It’s such an awesome city. Brilliant vlog Louis 🙂

Freyja BT says:

Please, upload the next chapter, please. 

Madman0001 says:

Well sure because he travels a lot but when he is in the UK he lives with family

SKitTLeSx4 says:

what kind of fish is that????

qrayz says:

Anti climactic.

Melissa Joy says:

I wanna see moorreee

Stephanie Plumb says:

Where is chapter two?! :/

Marinova9 says:

4:07 You’ve never seen Sex and The City, Louis, have you…

Zafer Ozkan says:

how do you find such money to travel thoso places? tells us

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