Trip to a Hot Spring Theme Park – Oedo Onsen in Odaiba Japan

Most people know that a popular way to relax in Japan is to go to the onsen (hot spring). And in the summertime, a great way to have fun is to attend festivals. Well, Oedo onsen in Odaiba combines these two things in an onsen theme park.

People were asking about the onsen. They have an English website where you can find out all the details

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Nimasku ;3 says:



LovableX XGammer says:

I’ve been wanting to go to Japan for a very long time, and Japan will be will only be my favorite country

Neuma de Sá de Sá Pereira says:

Brasil bom

Mellona Woldai says:

I’ve always wanted to try on a yukata

T-Rex says:

I’ve been there!

Kuchi Kopi says:

Duyyyam girl be wearing silver teeth, won’t be long until diamond studded grills and a mixtape comin out soon mmmhmmm

梨葉 says:

I think this ight be better translated to a fairground or fete than a theme park?

runu gyati says:

I m from India there is a place arunachal pradesh and there is a place called nirjuli and there I live

Treget Letterwood says:

The rainbow bridge does not even have any color. Well it’s white but white is not a rainbow color. What a misleading name. I was like “where is the bridge???”

Ritesh Tripathi says:

I love shin

Farzana Kosar says:

Did anyone realise the lady with her mouth open in the thumbnail

andys banks says:

@3:41 “say yes or no” why you gotta be so aggressive lol. let him answer in his own way.

Kawaii lol says:

Yeah… Japan

Josiah Nerro says:

i love the lady’s face from the picture where you click on the video hello from hawaii

Raven Scamander says:

I would have gone to Japan next year, but my family is going to America, at the same time as the exchange, so I can’t go. But yes, I do have places like this. I have a place called Luna Park, basically, there are rides and you can get food. It on the harbour of Sydney. I don’t like it very much, but about an hour away, there is a popular water park. I am Australian



Madison says:

I love these videos, they give me ideas when I am moving To Japan

Maycee Herbert says:

All of the Japanese food looks really good! I wish I could try them

Lainlein says:

this might seem like a weird question, but what do you were underneath the yukata? Do women wear bras? Swimming suits?

ghoan think it says:

Hay I like your videos much please can u visit to sky tree garden

Euree Evan says:

is that the yokai theme song????

caleb sanchez says:

5:41 what is this machine called?

Masuma Islam says:

u r so cute

Travel Pockets says:

“Long golden poo” HAHAHA! Love it. When did you go to this place? Do you think it’s too cold to go end of December? We want to wear the cute yukatas but thinking it might be a bit cold?

Aki says:

Germany dont have this but we have Thermalbath places …

Manjeet Kaur says:

Keep making video

Dayanara Santos says:

The theme parks in Denver Colorado is Eliches waterworks and lakeside

Mia l says:

The boy kid reminde me off some one

ayanemous says:

4:23 why did you say ‘sando’ instead of ‘sandoicchi’? Just a curious question, i’m learning Japanese! Also, great videos! Keep up the great work!

Mata-zaa says:

0:40 that ball broken in Digimon adventure episode 37 after they defeat Myotismon
and i think that place is Odaiba’s TV station

Aaliyah Francesca says:

I remember going to Odaiba!!! I miss this! I wish I can go back again this Christmas. People there are soooo kind!

Lithzy Valle says:


Dayanara Santos says:


Megan G says:

We don’t have this where I am from in the southern United States that is American, but in Atlanta, Georgia there is a place called Jeju Spa and Sauna in Korea Town and it is similar in that it is a bath house, but not a festival. Some people have hot tub jacuzzi outside in their back yard, but most people have them in hotels or cabins that they rent for vacation in the woods such as in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Thank you for your video!

Kim Hajoon says:

I really appreciate your video

Corey Strong says:

These video’s are put together so well! Aiko reminds me of my neice in alot of ways and I can tell she thrives from doing these and also that she just adores being able to spend such quality time with her Dad 🙂

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