Why is no one here?! // Nikko, Japan

Definitely the best weekend trip we could’ve asked for! Nikko absolutely blew my mind and I couldn’t believe how empty it was. Having such a beautiful place all to ourselves was just so special.

Sorry about the audio on the last part of the video using my iPhone. I didn’t quite get the levels right…

Hi there random person reading further into the description than most people.
I’m Hannah from Australia, I’m a performer that loves to travel the world and I’m currently living in Tokyo. I make videos about expat living, travel, performing and other fun stuff. If you like any of the above, I upload a few times a week so might I suggest the subscribe button?

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Emily Mason says:

Thank you for bringing us on your wonderful journeys. Your cinematography is on point! I can’t wait to go back to Japan and visit Nikko for myself. So glad to have discovered your channel 🙂

Major Zero says:


ko1 sa10 says:

Let it go♪

tez says:


steve capps says:

Great video, you and your friends are amazing.

Mr. X says:

Could you be anymore shallow and insipid? You millennials are all cut from the same mold. You all act alike, say the same boring shit, act the same immature way. I did check out more of this [Loser] boyfriend of yours as well. You poor millennials will never ever have the opportunity to realize what it is like to have character and depth and maturity. You have no idea what fun and joy really is because your millennial culture is so plastic in personality. One can look at a thousand vlogs from a thousand young women the same age and find very little difference in speech, mannerisms and approach to life. There is nothing unique to any of you, you’re all interchangeable. You can blame liberalism and feminism for your wretched plastic existences that no matter how many different places you visit you yourself cannot change the insipid personality you make up.
What a sad shallow lot you are even when traveling around and immersing yourselves in different experiences. What a glorious waste of time because it is easy to see that the world to you is just one [rave] and tepid shallow experience after another, you do this simply to check the experience and world travel box on your life resume and never really gain anything from it. Honey that is obvious because you aren’t changing or growing in the least. Certainly not maturing.
You could have the same shallow time in on 50 sq. foot area than you are having in different parts of the world, that’s how little the millennial has been adapted to appreciate or feel anything deeply. I feel sorry for you, I truly do, if you could see you like I do you’d cry and probably suicide. It’s all surface with you, you have zero capability of a deeper emotional, psychological or spiritual dive because of how shallow a personality you possess. Have your parents or an Aunt or Uncle never told you this?

deepdarksecretful says:

I clicked over because of the attractive person on the thumbnail, but i got sucked in by the videography and music edits instead =3. Thank you @CurrentlyHannah for the wonderful video!

mmm iii says:


子二猛 says:

so magical.

channel papy says:

11:35 Who is the man behind you? your friend ? suspicious man

Daphne Mahusay says:

you’ve just inspired me to go to Nikko next year! I’ve been looking for a place/city/town in Japan where I could see snow!
Thank you <3

Sofie Fencl says:

Hey Hannah!
If you like snow, waterfalls, lakes and mountains you should come to Norway someday. We’ve got it all 🙂 Oh and not to brag, but you know the city Arendale in Frozen? Yeah, it’s in Norway. Just sayin’. Anyways, love your channel – keep up the amazing work <3

TRUMP2016 Local187 WallBuilders Union says:

Careful … Lots of subway groping going on over there.
But hey it makes for a good video with lots of views which is what your after anyway right ?

握りし者チ〇コを says:


Wehan van Zyl says:

Wow, that really did look amazing. I can only imagine the stunning visuals you would have gotten with the Spark or Air! Though, it gives you an excuse to go back 😉

Junior Bunso says:

nice video Ms. Hannah and you got wonderful friends.. Jessie is so cool (hope got her name right ).. take care



Tsuyoshi Handa says:

my hometown!

Tony Stark says:

smart girl

nakami2001 says:


11holic11 says:

Crispy-chan lol www

empireofpeaches says:

Wow, Nikko is gorgeous. Thank you!

SolarizeYourLife says:

Mow, three hour travel for $16 amazing….

Franck James says:

The area between Nikko and Kinugawa Onsen is a very beautiful place

hiro says:


Andy Li says:

I have been watching your vlogs recently, and I’ve developed a little Australian accent from your videos. Thanks Hannah haha

Frederick Lim says:

Good shot of the scenic views. Thx!

Unelephant says:

6:14 accidentally made a Kirin sculpture

Chi Paku says:

Thank you for a nice introduction! I want many people to experience the wonder of Nikko.

AliceinJapanaland says:

Wow Nikko in the snow without crowds seems magical! Kegon falls is a lot more impressive in the summer just after rainy season though.

Did you guys go to Toshogu too or were you just unable to film that?

Luigino Sione says:

The places are beautiful!

TeruTelu BOH-z says:

Nice 3 ladies ! Let’s enjoy Japan more . 3人共明るいので、気持ちいいです。

marsh pipe says:

So what are we the viewers to get from this mediocre drivel of a video …..sorry lady,you are not interesting or important in any way …just a narcissist on an ego trip ….You insult our intelligence,,,with this juvenile visual garbage .

codyshingo says:


Alex Coreable says:

i decided to visit Nikko on the 24/11 in 2016 when Tokyo experienced the first November snow in 53 years, and trains were delayed and it took me half a day to get to Nikko, I was stranded in a small town as the trains stopped going to Nikko due to heavy snow. By the time i arrived the day was getting darker and all the attractions were closing soon and i ended up wasting my Nikko day pass. No a very pleasant experience but i really hope i can go back again and properly appreciate the beauty of this place 😀 ps. i have also experienced my first ever earthquake on the 22nd and that was my first ever trip to Japan, i don’t know if i was lucky or… :S

Maz Dela Cerna says:

So awesome you have your friends with you! Whats 1463 yen in aussie dollars??

Resh says:

I plan to travel to Japan do you think should I start my journey from Tokyo to Nikko and back to Tokyo .. mind to share where I can go In 7 days.

channel papy says:


C K says:

What was the link to the hotel?

平野雄大 says:


Twiiter share 完了!

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