10 Top Free Things To Do In Las Vegas

Everyone knows that going to Las Vegas is probably something that needs to be planned well ahead. It is, after all, the best place to spend, lose or win money. But since the only guaranteed parts are spending and losing, you might as well, try to find some free things to do – just in case the winning thing did not happen. These are the top ten free things to do in Las Vegas, if you have lost most of what you have at the tables.

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Dennis Prosser says:


Ralph Stewart says:

Ethel M and Vom Fass tours are new add to my bucket list, thanks.

Claudia M C says:

Thank you very helpful

Travel Richie says:

Found something to try on my next trip to Vegas.

Danielle Hill says:

Downtown container park

Don Gibson says:

Vegas is old news, and legal gamblimg is everywhere now and a short drive for most people in thier own state were they can lose thier money just as easily and be close to home, so why the need to go to the desert for gambling and all the hucksters and shysters to deal with.

happymike44 says:

Top three free places to void the Funny Fabulous Friday show with Jimmy Emerson due to the money grubber putting the move on the customers for tips/donations and such.. During the show the bathrooms had plugged up and had spewed forth onto the floors.. It was just plain nasty to put it politely.. The other places was The Phoenix and The Flex Cocktail Lounge both drag shows suffered from well just not that great and the food in both places was greasy and kind of rancid tasting fries.. My advice there are a lot of fun places but none of these are it..

PercussiveArtsSociety Ghana says:

Free things from the video. Top 10:
10. Downtown Container Park 9. Arts 4 Free @ City Center 8. Free Chocolates at Factory Tours…7. Hard Rock Cafe 6. Fremount Street 5. Hike 4. Samples on Whiskys 3. Watch erupting Volcano 2. Taste Free Wine- Rock and Roll 1. Fountain Shows.

Thanks for sharing.

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