$50 Fun in Vegas!

Colin and I went out with %50!!

THANKS for watching. #LiLV – Living in Las Vegas

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Smug Smugly says:

A couple of damn yankees from Ohio. Yeah there is your experts on Vegas

Robert Kline says:


Mike Nazzaro says:

My first beer was a Yuengling lager. It’s a PA speciality

Thomas Cahill says:

First legal beer was Killians Irish Red

BDBD16 says:

Those are great arcade games and its awesome you beat them both!

ziggy 2shus says:

From Google maps — Las Vegas Town Square is right across the street from the Las Vegas Golf Center, which is right across the street from the Las Vegas airport landing strips, where you can watch the transport airplanes from all over the world landing for free.

Brad Jostock says:

Yes….let’s just pretend he’ll be 21 when he has his first beer….;)

tbloke99 says:

Hi Erica. Coming over to Vegas from the Uk again, only this time with our two teenage kids. Love to see the videos for families with kids. Keep up the good work. Did you do a Casino Royale vid?

Joshua O'Connell says:

Nice change-up! I want a Pac-Man for my place too 🙂 They make a tabletop version that seems slightly more functional as you can at least actually use it as a table haha

Michael O'Brien says:

* Hi Erica…, I like the vibrating machine the best ! Thank you for sharing.. Mike in Montana 🙂

Bigdaddy Torres says:

I love your hair! Please don’t tell me it’s an attachable hair piece ?

Bishu Pal says:

Do other people laugh when some one hits silly shots or air balls the swing ? Nice video again …

Kerrick Sasaki says:

Holy Sheets is so much fun!

Jon Y says:

Where is this mall at in vegas??

Carteris7 says:

Yo Erica and Collin Great to see ya out and about. Is that town center over by the red rocks area. Strohs or pabst I started early before all the beers you have today my grandpa drank strohs. and we drank his lol. Hey may I make a suggestion for a upcoming video. Can you show what Christmas looks like on the strip and maybe Fremont. Seeing how that maybe the time we end up out there at that time. next year of course. Have a great nite.

Bishu Pal says:

BTW does Colin have any brother or sister ?

Linda S says:


James Farnham says:

That was fun, thanks Erica and Colin!

Terrence Linder says:

Colin needs his own spin off. You guys have so much fun. I thought sheets was a store with only sheets. Looks like fun! Thanks to you guys, it along with peppermill will be on my Vegas to do list!

n d says:

Also entertaining is to watch someone shoot a shotgun who’s never done it before

The Emperor says:

Skip the first beer. Get a couple shots of silver Patron

irishlogan1 says:

Love the shirts you two

donald paluga says:

You’re not being the ball, Colin

cesariojpn says:

I never got the notification for this. Damn you YouTube!!!!!

Steve Rennie says:

My first legal beer was a Guiness (from the tap).

monica morariu says:

Nice, nice video!

TheUnprofessionalChef says:

First beer I ever tried was PBR from a keg while in college. NASTY!!

Tina Lanning says:

I want to go to that cool store! What town is that is?

Jon Webb says:

How about a Fun in Vegas for $0 dollars for locals. lol

Gott mos Mos says:

Going too vegas in march Whit my fatherinlaw and hes birthday 70 years gone be great

Keith Pymer says:

Vegas is amazing. Everything seems so near to the airport until you get a cab to the airport and then it seems its so far away.$$$$$$$

mark sargent says:

It’s gotta be cheap! Lol

Bill Yowell says:

Okay, time for a golf lesson. Give me a yell when you get back from Hawaii… Town Square has a few good restaurants.

David Musielak says:

Great video again and again !@!!@!! You are the best!!!!!!!

C Gibbs says:

I like these where you and Colin go wander around. Love the mom and son camaraderie! O-H…

Gary Jaramillo says:

Iv been drinking tequila since i was around 13/14 with my uncles (30’s now and im over drinking)

Mister Jayy says:

You have 30k subscribers, if each person donates a dollar, you can buy the poop shaker plus change!!! And just in time for Christmas, you can be shaking poop out so fast!!

Doug Walker says:

First beer was Molson Canadian draft

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