Hi loves!!
I have missed you all so much!! I had such an awesome time in Vegas and I wanted to share with you all!

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timo 00 says:

Do next the recreating friednship photos with your girls!! Would be damn funny

Azenmama says:

love this lol y’all cute

Ian Brown says:

Notification Squad, love your hair color. I will keep your family in my prayers. Have a blessed day.

Aniyah G says:

Gabriela, that blonde hair looks so fire on you!!! You and all your friends are so beautiful and seem like such fun girls. Loved the vlog!

Monica Centeno says:


Maignan Mclopez says:

I don’t care what happened to earth or anybody next year I’m gone , vegas here i come

Monique Palmer says:

Love it! !Jcole..ooh!!

Mario Infante says:

You look great gab we should hike in LA

Designs by LIAM LI says:

lol omg denise is so funny!

Alicia says:

The ending was so funny! Great vlog! ♥

Linda Wilmarth says:

Loved the vlog! Can’t wait to go to Vegas 🙂

MichaelK says:

Whatever your going through, remember.. God’s got you

Elisa Carvallo says:

What a great *girls trip! Hahaha love Vegas

amari brown says:

Good Vegas vlog

Cali Tex10 says:

I need a girls Vegas trip

Shreya Kamboj says:

Heyy im so happy your back missed your vlogss❤️

Jeahav Valentin says:

About 2 weeks ago which was around the last time you posted a video, I don’t know if you heard or seen a video of a mother getting kicked out of walgreens and being banned from that walgreens store establishment because she refused to control her son’s abberant behavior at walgreens because he was knocking various items off the shelves and the mother was acting non-chalant and not controlling him at all whatsoever.
Her son is about either 3 or 4 years old and she wasn’t disciplining him at all, and the store clerk was telling her that she’s banned from the store because she was letting her 3/4 year old son run wild and running amok and to make matters even worse her 3/4 year old son told the store clerk to shut the f… up while he was telling the mom that she’s banned and needs to leave the premises immediately and afterwards her 3/4 year old son called the store clerk the b word and lastly once again in reiteration told the store clerk to shut the f…up while the store clerk was incessantly telling the mom to leave the store and that she’s banned.
But unfortunately the mom still refused to vacate the premises because she wanted to buy her stuff and the store clerk was adamant by telling her she’s not getting anything and he dialed 911 on the mother for refusing to leave with her misbehaved brusque child in which that was absolutely appalling on her part for her poor parenting skills for not controlling her misbehaved 3/4 year old child at the walgreens store establishment.
Lastly her lame putrid excuse for not controlling and disciplining her son was because she didn’t want to go to jail if she disciplined him which was cringe inducing right there!

Malachi Santos says:


Nia P says:

Looked like you all bonded so well, I wanna go to Vegas now

Russell Lam says:

How was it just being with the girls in Vegas?

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