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➳ All statements in this video are from my own personal experience. I absolutely love my Vegas vacations and you should too!! This video is just a heads up about a lot of things that I have experienced and learned from. My goal is to make your trip as budget friendly and happy as possible. Don’t feel bad about saying no – it’s your money and you should never have to give your personal information to strangers. Beware of giving money to anyone who is acting as a third party for companies, hotels and nightclubs. Always go straight to the source. The hotels are INCREDIBLE at helping with any confirmations or clarifications of any potential scams you may be experiencing.

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▼ 5 M I N U T E M A K E U P:

▼ V L O G M A S P L A Y L I S T ➳…

▼ N O V E M B E R F A V O R I T E S ➳

▼ S I L V E R H A I R T U T O R I A L ➳…

▼ P U R P L E O M B R E T U T O R I A L ➳…

▼ K Y L I E J E N N E R H A L L O W E E N ➳…

▼ S U M M E R L O O K B O O K S ➳… and…

▼ R A V E B R A ➳…

▼ D I Y S E T T I N G S P R A Y ➳…


▼ S I L V E R H A I R T U T O R I A L ➳…

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Welcome to the world of Missy Chrissy. I’m a stylist, DJ and Mommy in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I’m Canadian.. I speak fluent French. I grew up in West Vancouver, BC. I recently wrapped up a 10 year career in health care to pursue my passion for fashion styling, music and makeup/hair full time. I’ve tried so many avenues in life, but keep coming back to this amazing world of creative arts. I can’t get enough. So here I am, doing my THANG.

Let’s be friends XOXO

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F T C Disclaimer ➳ This video is NOT sponsored. The views expressed in this video are my own opinion and in no way affiliated to any companies what-so-ever.

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Nada S says:

So helpful.. Thanks a lot xoxo

Julia Sanchez says:

Thank you, greatly appreciate all your tips.

SayIt LikeItIs says:

If you have to be that cheap then stay the fuck home. My wife and I were married in Vagas

Marcus Jackson says:

This is awesome! Thanks Missy. 🙂

Lynn McClymont says:

Do you have the links for total rewards and M life please

Universal Player says:

is 400 500 dollars enough for vegas,not counting gas and hotel/motel

momentinpassing says:

Vegas sounds like a movie theater. On Mars. Ohhh, you want oxygen? Just $20/hour! 😀

Tiffany Galvan says:

You stated you go during the Week, what clubs do you recommend on Mondays & Tuesdays?

Lalo Eastside says:

Also, yes the myVegas app. Very good app for copping some free stuff. Play a little every day, make sure to collect your free chips and daily spinner, and you can come up on some good stuff. You do have to have an MLife membership though. But if you do, you can accumulate points not only by gambling, but also if you shop or dine at the MGM properties, you can accumulate through those means also. And when you accumulate points, you can use your myVegas rewards for say a buffet. Use the free one then pay for the other one with express comps, and you can do like me, and get two Aria lunch buffets for $1.75!!!

boxiebabe says:

very helpful, thank you for doing this!

Swatisen100 says:

Please suggest a buffet to go for in the strip that will not ripp you off a huge money. I donot eat seafood and beef but I love eating 🙂

Jordan Cochran says:

This was LITERALLY!! the best advice ever 😉

Lalo Eastside says:

Really good Video +Missy Chrissy! Kudos. Not too many videos about Vegas that I think are actually useful. Many of them highlight things that are already obvious (Walking too far, it’s hot, get free drinks while gambling). But you brought up some good stuff. The one about the Tix4Tonight is really good. I never thought about that. But one thing that I do know is that they do charge cheaper prices for the later shows. However, if you have a bigger group, like 3 or more, they can’t put you in the same row. We went with our kids, (Fam of 5), and we all had to be separated in three different rows. Not to mention they’re in horrible sections, usually high and to the sides.

Kayla Davidson says:

Put on some more fake up… i mean make up

Missy Chrissy says:

WHO’S IN VEGAS JULY 10-14?? I’ll be on the strip for my birthday!

shaliza mohammed says:

Great tips…

Offi Mai says:

Minifridge tip was great, thank you!

Jeremy Johnstane says:

it’s Vegas! if you’re not expecting hustlers! you’re gonna get ripped off!

Lauren Johnston says:

Tix4tonight has never charged us additional fees for tickets to shows or restaurants. Some of the discounts aren’t that big of a deal but sometimes it’s a great deal.


I live in Vegas hmu if any of you want to meet (:

Pooh Whitaker says:

EXCELLENT ADVICE And Tips YOU have just Saved A whole lot of People Money Including Me An my family and friends Thank you So much for the valuable information and advice you sure don’t have to !I will be sharing and showing your great must see and know video with everyone ! 🙂

Zoe Ivey says:

THIS WAS SO HELPFUL! thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu <3

KRUGE67 says:

thanks for this, great advice, but your total reward link is no good, maybe they changed the name ..

RaelVidot _RBLX says:

Don’t gamble on slot machines

Shrivas Rivaswulf says:

Yes the strip has changed and people still steal if you fall asleep on your machine…sad….

Jadd612 says:

You’re pretty!

Tonya McGinnis says:

The upgrade works!!! We went for my daughters bday and advised we wanted to make it the best possible. For literally like 30 a day he upgraded us to a suite. The suite was huge and beautiful. The Rio staff is awesome!

TheJayhawker83 says:

The best tip is not to stay, eat or gamble on the Strip.

NDN Dave says:

the mini fridge tip still a good tip? and I laughed on the club scammer tip, my first trip to Las Vegas, my sister, her husband and myself, we all got scammed. while walking to the club we bought discounted “club” tickets for we noticed quite a few piles of the same exact tickets we just bought on the way to the club entrance. and the cheap show tickets, use the Tix4Tonight kiosks. I bought show tickets to the Eddie Griffin show at the Rio, ended up  saving about 20-25% from the box office price at the Rio.and my best advice/tips I can offer: Don’t expect four star level opulence for a one star price. spend the extra money for a better room with a better view. and it doesn’t hurt to ask for a room with a view. especially if you’re staying in the off season (fall and winter) and during the week (Sunday-Thursday).

Ajay Sood says:

I’m going from Toronto on the 7th to 11th August and staying at the Mirage. Any tips..??

matt comb says:

a pop bottle full of vodka to walk up the strip with.


prophyprincess21 says:

This video is so helpful, thank you!


From Airport get round-trip shuttle bus from $13-$20/person. Also get a duece bus pass for 3 days for $20

Alice Ahola says:

how about if one travels completely alone? Too dangerous? tips? safe hotels?

Yvette prest says:

Haven’t been to Vegas in 17 years. We are staying at the Paris, what would be the best way for the taxi to take us.? Love your video.

nursezhy zannn says:

The fridge thing is brilliant thanks!!!

polskabukiet says:

We are going to Vegas in Sept-staying at Bellagio, any tips? Thanks

wergrethe says:

there’s a new bus Westcliff airport express $2 stops at tropicana hotel……..

Tonya McGinnis says:

Also, My vegas now has a phone app that works the same and actually will combine points on both games. It is called popslots!

Blah BlahBlah says:

I once almost fought a dude trying to sell me a rap CD

Charlotte 50PlusFireworks says:

Great info thanks!

Michel Zou says:

When you want to go there and you’re not sure about the duration of your stay what is the best to do money wise?
(I could be there from one week to….3 months seriously)

happymike44 says:

Stay away from The Flex Cocktail Lounge food was nasty had bugs swimming n the nacho sauce.. The Badlands Saloon had the charity drag scammers working the tourists for free money and such all for charity and such.. Worse part was the performer Jimmy Emerson approaching Us and then attempting to get a donation to keep his show going.. My advice is this free doesn’t always mean good and the short fat bald guy trying to pickpocket people… Not worth the time or effort of anything in my bok..

Angel Tito Vera says:

Thanks for the tips

Bessie Stanfield says:

thank you your video was helpful

Tim Haney says:

Thumbs down for bad info about flying to Vegas after driving hours, spending money on gas, having to leave your car in a parking lot and not saving a penny doing so. If you pay more than $350 CAD to fly to Vegas from YVR you are just stupid.

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