LAS VEGAS UNEDITED: Walking Down the Main Strip at Night

Walking down the crazy main strip in Las Vegas, Nevada, the City of Sin.
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Video created by Gabriel Morris, who is the owner of all video or photo content. Filmed using a GoPro Hero Plus LCD.

Gabriel is a world traveler and travel writer who has been adventuring around the world off and on since his first trip to Europe in the summer of 1990 when he was 18 years old. He is author of “Following My Thumb”, a collection of 26 exciting and hilarious autobiographical travel stories from his worldly wanderings during the 1990s; and has written several other books available on and elsewhere.

Thanks a lot for watching and safe journeys!

LAS VEGAS UNEDITED: Walking Down the Main Strip at Night


Soldierboymedia says:

lots of crime and plenty of prostitution and drugs that the locals offer. in fact i know of lots of transgender prostitution and girl hang with to get clients.

naveen singh says:

That pic on ur t shirt is goddess Kali

Mark S says:

Viva Las Vegas!

Carmen Santana says:


EuroSchlager Abteilung says:

Your camera is not that good, it’s less than 60 frames per second, the picture quality is fuzzy and too much movements

uganda zzaabu 256 says:

i love las vegas

zachary Dalziel says:

Nice video man. Very busy there late at night thete. Look at all of those night zombies.

Fahad Ali says:

I love vas vagar

Travel To The World says:

Thanks for upload

MrKrushgutz says:

Outside of the strip, Las Vegas has lots of homeless people and it’s just dirty.

Fred Fadungy says:

avoid that place like the plague

Ronald Tipton says:

Question: Does Gabriel own multiple copies of the same shirt, or does he never change his clothes? Every video I’ve seen has him wearing the same shirt. That’s something homeless people do! Please change it up once in a while, ok?

andrew furnell says:

Went there 2 years ago. Nothing special, I’d rather go to Blackpool

The blood and iron YT says:

If Gabe replies to this comment I gotta run around the woods naked

Star Master Tech says:

There’s no place like Las Vegas!!

Ross Miles says:

….Best things in Vegas are the SHOWS and 4 STAR Restaurants …but You need LOTS of money to enjoy Vegas at its Best…..

Robert Fischer says:

Oh, thank you for showing me what I haven’t been missing.

John Parker says:

What a shithole. Looks like disneyland.

Kitten Puff, Jr. says:

Big hookers, herding them like cattle

Randy Cordes says:


Todd Schmidt says:

No class in the city anymore

Dancing Spiderman says:

You walked by that goofy 24-hour McD’s, it’s got slot machines inside.

Chrystina Tirado says:

Check out the music from vvibe moore ,Sean summerlin ,clyde williams ,& jahmalo music makers in vegas on freemont or the strip!!!

Selna Goodhead says:

When I was there Monthly in the 60’s, thre was Open Bars on the Sidewalks and Alot of Open Sex ..Girls would come upto you sitting on your stool and Give you a BJ and others would sit on your lap wearing a very Loose Skirt or Dress and very pretty girls too ! Ahh the Good Ol’ Days in Vegas! Only New Orleans was as good for sex and fun..

Kelvin Grover says:

What a waste of time land of GREED

Hand Craft says:

hey bro, your t-shirt picture really cool . its a hindusim Goddess and her name is kali , i like that .

Deepak Choudhry says:

Nice t shirt

boogieman 48 says:

If you’re on a budget. Try to get a lot of the free meals. For whatever reason you definitely stick out like a tourist. Kind of embarrassing when you kick the bottle LOL. Watch what area is your end or you will have no camera lot of Crooks

Jeanieart1940 Kowatsch says:

no slot players

Sylvia says:

@2:26…(Re: Miss Fishnet stockings) Is that a hooker? Or is that how young gals dress up these days for a night on the town? I can’t tell anymore.

Addy Bonnetti says:

This was awesome

Ash B says:

scary intro

emerson says:

congratulations 100K followers

Biswajit Mondal says:


TomfromErie j says:

Las Vegas a big city??? LOL.

Explore World With Salvador says:

Believe me it is not better city than lisbon and porto

Travel To The World says:

Thanks for upload

Kenneth P. says:

80s classics ??? Wait a minute !! I grew up on 80s music. UGGGH, I’m getting old !!! 🙁

rusty nuts says:

2:28 best part of ur vid. show more of the ho’s dude!

boxamp says:

very nice person respected . The market in Vegas has going up for several years until today 2018 it is High and will decline as history shows.
really nice person and video.. Vegas is Expansive. nice place to visit short time. But jobs don’t pay to living cost …new york or cal where they do pay more. i feel Vegas is a bit over valued short lived ….others have good opinions that i respect but i suggest other more concrete cities such as new york or cal more of a balance of family and professional living more opportunities in new yrk or cal .

Ishwar Patil says:

I want to wait visit this place. from india

Squidkid 05 says:

Love Vegas

Anthony Martinez says:

Never been to Lost in Vegas seems like a garbage can of lost souls wondering around trying to find themselves. Makes me want to go further away from civilization to the prairies or mountains nothing interesting to me just a made up fantasy world.

Cedrick Moore says:

I think you fit in perfectly!

Mykal Films says:

I am going to Vegas in 2 days…Wish me luck 😀

Tony DeTuna says:

Can you move the camera back & forth faster, PLEASEEEEEEE

gggggggg says:

Its a bit like Marmite……. you either love it, or hate it. So we’re heading back there in sept from uk for our 3rd visit.
Truly awesome sights, majority of people are nice enough (same as anywhere else really), surprisingly most people think vegas is all about gambling……….. well you certainly can have a wager, but if thats not your thing, theres plenty other stuff to do….. we saw penn and teller last time, still trying to figure out the illusions they did

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