Our Trip to Bruxie Chicken and Waffles Las Vegas

Craig and I took a trip to NYNY Casino and had Bruxie Chicken & Waffles. It was delicious! Do yourself a favor and go check them out!

Thanks for watching. #LiLV – Living in Las Vegas

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Jonathan X says:

Nice !!! I’ll check it out on the 25th . Coming in for a quick site seeing trip with my daughter . She’s psyched !

Unrational Culture says:

lol this gave me Heartburn just watching it, but ill try it next time I’m there. That’s what tums is for !

monica morariu says:

Yummy, yummy!! Nice video!

damianraver says:

I’ve eaten there and it was not good.

Doug Rohrer says:

Thanks guys! I can’t wait to try it!

Mark Deters says:

That was fun. Thanks

Gary Jaramillo says:

Is it better than Roscoe’s?

OneManOneCamera says:

I went past Bruxie on St. Patrick’s Day and there was a huge line.

filipe brandao says:

that looks tasty… and that resort world where is it?

Dave Dalka says:

We last stayed at New York New York and walked by that place a hundred times but didn’t go in- dang it! Next time for sure! We did try that sushi place just up the way but only for drinks on the Park. Maybe you guys can try that place sometime? It’s like a video chat from my kids when you post, so look forward to it! Rock on LILV!

Dee Whit says:

I’m here in Las Vegas now

Blimpus Videos says:

Oh hell yes, i am all over the holy chicken. Was it as good as it looks? you got drooling here lil bit..Lol..

Rafael Marquez says:

That looks awesome. Can’t wait to try it when I’m there.

SayHiToMatthew says:

looks good!

Carlos Aceves says:

Looks good but I just want that Goose Island haha

Ivy 7788 says:

I ate there when I went to LV last year. We enjoyed the food. It was really good.

Dive Bar Casanova says:

Let us know when you guys want to do a video on Dumont Dunes you can join us.

Jack Tarasar says:

Is this the first cracks in the relationship. She criticized Craig for his comment about something. Not clear what it was, maybe his Goose Island beer? What I like about these videos from LIVING IN LAS VEGAS, is that there is no judgment on each casino. No slamming of them for their policies or how some have not upgraded/remodeled, etc. Seems like a clear walk through without judgment, left that up to the viewer to decide. RARE in today’s biased news or opinion videos. I appreciated NOT knowing this couples political opinions. ie: Trump Hate, etc. That they were simply simple, light hearted walk throughs of Casinos in Las Vegas. If the couple now wants to slam each other, then that is changing the situation. If marital arguments come out from the videos, it detracts from the GREAT light hearted videos of the previous offerings. Just saying. ALL couples argue from time to time. I/We just do not need to see it on these videos. I am STILL very supportive of this couple and the content that they post. I am just questioning if this is a one time argument. I STILL gave it a THUMBS UP click.

2truckie says:

Great! Now I’m hungry.

Stephanie Cassett says:

How did you like it, was it good?

Ellie Hernandez says:

Can you take a trip to the new AYCE buffet at the Palm’s please!

MrSandRune says:

Turning the cent.So have you won much,living in a new city.It is boring,driving concrete,iron-bars,janitor,leaving your villa every day for meetings.Exploring,and have all the idea`s CAN be more.

The Daily Gamer says:

Love all your videos they have helped plan our trip so much! First time in Vegas we will be staying April 29- May 4th would love to meet you

Shae Paisley says:

Love that place! Great food! Can’t wait to eat there again this week while I’m in Vegas 🙂

Andrew Pettola says:

That looks yummy, but for some real chicken and waffles try the Hash House A Go-Go at the Rio. YUM!!

Dutch Baseball Hangout says:

Wow. Those prices are pretty steep. Yeah I know, I’m Dutch. 😉

Warren Richardson says:

Oh, that looks good. The egg on top makes the sandwich. I’ll find that place in June.

Linda S says:

Looked wonderful Thanks

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