Overly Excited Tourist Can’t Handle Vegas

Ryan tries his luck in the City of Spin, exploring the Las Vegas Strip on the hunt for a professional prastitute.

Starring: Ryan O’Flanagan

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Brian Turner says:


Colin McNamara says:

“Oh chilly Willy I wouldn’t mind kissing some of those boys”

JMagdalenaCLove says:

u r so gay. i mean literally

Padmanabher says:

cincinnati please

Squizznot says:

Never get tired of these. “It should go off about…now! FUCK!!!”

Philip Jackson says:

Lady: I’d like to see my test results please
Doctor: How bad do you want to know your test results.
Lady I would die to know my test results!!
Doctor: Well what a coincidence.

Werdrath says:

Las Paynus

B Nelson says:

Shower Mountain lol

Dannie Jensen says:

I’ve never been to Lost Wages.

zhenjiu says:

Quit jokin’ around in my ass, RYAN!!!

I'm right you're wrong says:

they say your ass is a hundred feet deep no joke ass,.. ing praise jeebus..almond.

swingsetup says:

I wanna see this dude forever.

Jed-to-the- Saba says:

“T-holy Krobuz”

Marlena Jenkins says:

Ryan needs to visit Nashville, TN (Music City, USA) ASAP.

C says:

Mountain shower

Crispy Slick says:

I thought you were Ethan from H3H3

Luis Eusebio says:

I swear I thought this was Ethan from H3H3 after grinding at the gym

Hamzah Syahputra says:

I was 100% Sure! In The ship (0:13) you can get Katana in there! Coz CJ get in there!

David Norris says:

this guy should be hanged. everything about him is Annoying. and I like everyone…

tashawnie bender says:


Anthony Figueroa says:

keep them coming. Funny stuff ☆☆☆☆☆☆

Fabian Andreas Hemm says:

I love these videos! I mean- ARE YOU JOKIN’ MY ASS?! You are freakin’ dope!

AJ Harice says:

You should send him to a really shitty places and some how make him excited about everything

George George says:

Los paynas

Gottlieb Arnoldt says:

Are you joking my ass? Another great video.

Wir Sind Nummer Eins says:

*Las Bagels*

*Statue of Listerine*

Maria Carlomagno says:

Las Penis is where the new White House is rumored to be built. Nothing butt brotherly love…

Patrick Martin says:

Is it me or does he it seem like he’s trying to channel Dr. Steve Brule?

WintersArcher says:

Overly excited and confused.


Just make sure you ask them working girls about their “2 For 1 Specials”…

MurphyXD says:

Yall suck

Daniel Cruz says:

Cmon man….. Make some more of these !!! Hillarious !!!

Austin Ndyetabula says:


William Diaz says:

Hmmm, worst series yet.

Jacob Frost says:

You are an inspiration. One day I hope to travel to Blue Fork City to see the Dadchew his Lizardteeth. They say she’s 100 FEET tall and she has night terrors. You can hear her screaming from every corner of the world.

Mousey Publishings says:

r u shittin my ass?

Ephrem Paté says:

lost bagels lmfaoooooooooooooooooooo

Adam Hunter says:

These sketches are the best thing on YouTube. Never stop them.

Tr0llaccount says:

this is just some dang hunk who wishes he was dr. steve brule.

burnoutjunkie42 says:

Shoutout to Señor Frog’s, that place is the shit in vegas!

Jake Marsing says:

Another one?! You gotta be joking my ass.

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