Planning a Las Vegas Trip 2018: Visiting during the week Planning a Las Vegas Trip 2018
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Here is short checklist to use as a guide when you are planning a Vegas trip during the week:

Vegas weather this time of year:
Depends on what month you are visiting during the week

Vegas Travel Expenses: Hotel Rates, Room Accommodations, Flight Bookings
To travel to Las Vegas during the weekdays you can expect that your overall traveling costs to be lower than if you were to travel to Vegas for a weekend vacation. This is simply because when most people are Planning a Las Vegas Trip 2018 they want to come on the weekend because that is when they are off from work. Since demand is lower during the week you can expect flights and hotels to be cheaper than on the weekends. Traveling during the weekdays are also a time when you can find some cheap Vegas packages online.
The weekdays are a cheaper time to travel to Las Vegas when to compared to traveling for a weekend vacation.

Is during the week a good time to bring kids on a Vegas family vacation?
If you are looking for a family friendly time to vacation in Vegas then the weekdays can actually work out well. The crowds will be smaller than on the weekends, so you will not face the same kind of foot traffic and congestion that you normally would on a weekend family vacation. Even though the crowds are smaller, you will have plenty of kid friendly activities for your children to choose from. There are more than enough things for families to do in Vegas with children while having their family vacation during the week.

Other Vegas travel tips to keep in mind:
The weekdays are typically not real big on the calendar of Las Vegas tourism, unless there is a particular convention or event in town that is going to bring a large crowd. The weekdays is Vegas are generally slower than the weekends. If you are Planning a Las Vegas Trip 2018 during the week be sure to research some information online before you book your vacation because the weekdays are a time when you can score some cheap Vegas deals.

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I hope these Las Vegas travel tips have been helpful to you. Thank you and enjoy your Las Vegas vacation!

Planning a Las Vegas Trip 2018: Visiting during the week
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Las Vegas Vacation Tips: Best Time to Visit Las Vegas
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Jonathan S says:

Nice! I’m finally in the middle of planning my dates for Vegas this month. I talked my company I work for into paying for my flight to Vegas once every 30 days. So I wanted to hit up the pool parties but sounds like they’re on the weekends when rates are high…Seemed like the Palms was the most affordable. MGM rates were 2x as much. Hopefully I can stop in when your working to introduce myself in person.

Johnny Klebitz says:

More often than not, I will see a good flight price the day before I get my check. Once I get it and look again, it’s gone up $50 – $60 and won’t come back down. -_-

Steve Sparknuts says:

All my trips have been Sun-Fri, i get 2 extra days for cheaper than a weekend.

mksrookies says:

Good advise Jacob. Before I moved here I used to always come out Sunday thru Thursday saves you a ton of money. for rooms.

manster725 says:

Yup big time savings during the week!! Was in Vegas back in Feb 21-27. Spent under $400 for room (Westgate) and flight from NY!! Looking to come back the week before labor day!!

P Compton says:

Can you recommend some fun things to do on a Tuesday night in Vegas?

person2b says:

Is Vegas pretty busy during the week before Christmas ? Tuesday -Thursday .

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