We took a cruise down the Las Vegas Strip on Friday night to see what has changed. Since my first trip to Vegas the landscape continues to change. This is a 2017 cruise down the Las Vegas strip…with the lovely Erica as your tour guide!

#LiLV – Living in Las Vegas


OVI-Wan Kenobi says:

I like how Erica simply says the first thing that comes to her mind, it’s kinda funny, especially with the way she talks.

bwtv147 says:

All the MGM owned casinos on the strip except Circus Circus now charge $9.00 to park.  If you’re offered a cheap room rate, ask about the “resort fee”.  That can double the room cost.

Tom Chapman says:

Pullleaze… love these vids and don’t want to be a nerd but my god….that voice! I tried hard to get through the El Cortez piece, too, but failed after 45 seconds. Love your LILV stuff and miss Pub Crawl, too. Perhaps if she just toned it down a bit?

Diego Rodrigues says:

This places remember so much gta san andreas,nostalgic *-*

Rampagegaming702 says:

I lived in las vegas 5 minutes away from the strip all my life and I gotta say this place fucking sucks

Jeanieart1940 Kowatsch says:

thanks for the ride.

Joe Kelly says:

You need to be broadcast from the giant flat screen type billboards on the Strip.

E.A.G 65 says:

We need a 2018 edition now

gene murray says:


J Andriolo says:

Thanks, Haven’t been there in 15 years……wow. What a change. Thanks for taking the time!

Daniel Dahlman says:

I don’t watch many logs but this was decent!

josue Nogueras says:

the strip has to have highest concentration of pharmacies in the US or the world 🙂

Chris Hale says:

Isn’t it funny how easy it is to get into the casinos, especially Caesar’ Palaces where you have automated sidewalks to simply carry you in but when you’re ready to leave, just try to find an exit.

beerborn says:

The first time I went to Vegas was in 1969. Definitely different and less crowded. Also went to Laughlin the same year when they only had 2 casinos.

MsLeelee94 says:

that was pretty cool

Sporty Smith says:

Looks fine to me.

Nathan fazbeargoldenfreddy1 Williamson says:

Stratosphere is the best hotel I’ve ever been in

Eric Thompson says:

I’ve been to Dick’s Last Resort restaurant in Excalibur and it was crazy. They throw paper napkins at you for fun and you can throw them back.

David Castaneda says:

Bally’s casino is Not run down. all remodeled. ..from room to room & restaurants. ……

rdyn281 says:

Thanks for the tour. We’ve been there 5 times and it never get old going there.

Matthew Schulke says:


arnola88gt says:

I drive uber and lyft in Vegas. I’m so tired of the strip lol

wadep9916 says:

Great video! Lots lots of people.

Mohammed Huzaifa says:

I love this city

Aspec One says:

Havent been since 2013 i will be going in a few weeks mannnn i miss the riviera

iVegasLive Entertainment Inc. says:

The Fountainebleau is now The Drew, J.W. Marriott has purchased the property.

thejazzman210 says:

Some people say the strip has changed. From what to what? I’ve been to Vegas 5 times since the mid-90’s, last time in 2015, and nothing’s changed but the buildings. Go there, have fun, spend some money, and don’t be a whiny ass.

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