Top 10 Things You Can’t Miss When You Go To Las Vegas 2017

Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in Las Vegas 2017


Heading to the dreamy city of Las Vegas? What’s the plan? Attending a wedding or a short visit, but then you can’t definitely leave the city without making the most of it. Well, if you are wondering what that city has in store for you, we’ve got you covered! Here is a full proof plan that will make your Vegas vacation nothing less than sheer bliss!

10. Place a bet at a casino
9. See the entire world in Vegas
8. Make a trip to the Hoover Dam
7. Don’t miss the Grand Canyon
6. Adventure ride to the skies
5. Witness the dancing waters
4. Eat to your heart’s content
3. Dance away the night
2. Hit a strip club
1. Dash into a circus or concert

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Zane Lott says:

It was dick casserole

Old Timer says:

I will save my money before i visit that dirt bag town…

Jock Marais ASMR says:

Lmao WATCH ME not gamble when I go to Vegas. I’d rather not have my biggest memory of my trip being me going flat broke.

Doge Gaming says:

I live in Las Vegas

Doreen Dertmann says:

I live there

Ashlee says:

I went to the Venician in Vegas and rose the gondolas. DO IT ITS WORTH IT

WackyPolecat88 says:


vinc dagd says:

all bad advice

dljprogun says:

I went to Vegas in 2011 and I loved it.
You forgot to put the firing rang where you can shoot real full autos and get your machine gun smile on.

Joaquin Serrano says:

I’m going to Las Vegas in November

Zane Lott says:

Have you been smoking crack or just sucking a lot of homeless dudes dicks? That video was shittier than your mothers casserole that bitch made last week.

Clipe FTW says:

Watches in poor

L Watson says:

Too touristy. More to Vegas than the strip

Family_of_four says:

We r up next month, keen to do a few of these, we will vlog there to

koofdome says:

I did everything on this list. I basically didn’t sleep for four days straight and went ham. Vegas was LIT

Doge Gaming says:

It’s always full of lights

BurroB0Y says:

I’ll take “Dat Ass” for $200 Alex

Fernando Martinez says:

Grand canyon too

Michaiah Wright says:

im 11 im not going to a STRIP CLUB

Jazzpunk 65 says:

I’ve stayed in Paris hotel in Vegas

vidya kanmus says:

I am Going here n my honeymoon

Goddess Madoka Kaname says:

This video is trash and people touring Las Vegas probably don’t wanna see some idiot showing her full butt. disliked this video, didn’t help me at all. And it didn’t even include the M&M factory.

aeonjoey says:

“what bothers us is the doubt that you might forget about the dancing fountains” what the fuck?

lina nguyen says:


Goddess Madoka Kaname says:

The Grand Canyon isn’t in vegas. It’s like saying, ten places to go in China! Only a few thousand mile trip from china, America is a great place to go!

cali tv media says:

make sure you get on the party bus it’s always lit

DetourGaming says:

Written by Chinese, read by paid narrator?

Ian F says:

2 minute facts with the 6 minute video

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