TRUE Scary Story: Trip to Las Vegas

Thank you to Jesse for sharing this story. If you want to contact him about this story, email him at:
Thanks for watching.


Bjorn van Oort says:

this story is terifying…

Nicholas Williams says:

Yo y’all are the shittiest friends ever

Bluejay 2206 says:

That scream though

Blue Princess MSP says:

I have a friend named Andrew :O!

guitar lover says:

So I guess what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas

TigerDude401 The Great says:

The breathing is from Five Nights at Freddy’s 3

Gamer14031 Studios says:

There is some fucked up people out there

Marcus Bakker says:

I am vegas and I go 9 years

TheReplayNetwork says:

I love how he says he didn’t tell any of his friends what happened instead he sent it to a YouTube channel and told everyone around the world

Feride Fleur says:

Well Andrew needs to get new friends

assassin genius says:

I guess they’re right.
Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Chatsire says:

Those are some shitty ass friends. Your friend clearly had no interest in getting laid yet you placed him in a situation where he went missing. Can’t be friends with nobody now a days

Blake Brothers says:

This isn’t scary at all i just spilled water on my pants

Kiara Alston says:

the scary moment when you live in Las Vegas 🙁 I hesitated to click on this video

DeadDoodles says:

Andrew’s friends were assholes seemingly.

AGobsesions says:

Has anyone tried to contact Jesse?

BROB1141 says:

Just came across this channel randomly. Glad I did.

Osman Alvarado says:

My heart was skipping beats

Demize Cyclone says:

Who else thought this was abt the shooting

Edwin Ayala says:

I watched this when I was 9

Alex Pfaff says:

6:48 wow tried to forget about their friend that was with some killers. Only took a month to forget about him. That’s fucked up

a.jewellRN says:

Good God… I’d absolutely HATE my “friends” if they did something like this to me!!


Will I’m 12 years old and I watch these videos but I’m ready to watch this one. Btw I’m moving and I might live in Las Vegas or I don’t know where. Anyway great videos keep up the great work!

Adrienne Snow says:

I hope Andrew never talked to them again.

9puppys says:

Good Lord, I Can Only Imagine The Guilt He Felt Knowing He Put His Friend Into That Situation

Unicorn KTY says:

Did you know there are kids watching this so pls don’t swear

Vaneesh Aralaguppe says:

Add a proper video to atleast make it look real…

One dank Fam-boi says:

Bush noob

CrustyChicken Nuggest says:

Did you do anal.

I'm not Rude I am Real says:

Dumbass “friends”

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