Vegas Trip 10 – Viva Las Vegas

The seventh day in my trip to Las Vegas.This was our final journey from L.A to Las Vegas. It was about 5 hours and 450KM. This was recorded this past summer where myself and Volksfragen went down to Las Vegas and back on our motorcycles! It was a 7,000KM round trip and extremely epic.

My Bike:
Intro/Outro Song:


Brad Johnson says:

$700 in gas each and you share a hotel room?

Flow- Last says:

in the end ware is the 3de sude

Jimmy Nutrons Dad says:

What bike is this?

Anthoniie Jimenez says:

$700 dollars for gas on that trip ?

jack black says:

omg at least snowcat isnt using his phone while riding! I mean that would be super hypocritical if he did something like that. he isnt. But it would be

Breaumance says:

Oh, that shrimp nipple shot in your side mirror….


Austin Kelich says:

snowcattttt im ur number one fan!!!!!!!!!! i got a wall of your pictures on my wall and i prey to it everyday morning and night!!!!!!! jk jk jk not that crazy hahaha.

Billythebubble says:

Riding with snowcat must be super cool

BrownParticles says:

What Intercom system do you use?

Lammy2k says:

Argh, love the videos but: no gear, selfie stick on a highway …. and wife beater with skinny white arms …. too much squid mode for me.

Meowsiph Stalin says:

At 2:05 your at Barstow 😀

JETSF000 says:

That’s crazy, you passed through Victorville. I live here 😀

Strenoner says:

Q: (if i may) How are you talking with each other ? sry for stupid question

alex Tjosvold says:

I love snowcat but dose anyone else get annoyed at how much he rides non dominant it could be the camera angle though

NM Thompson says:

There’s no way they spent $700 each in gas to go 275 miles. That would mean each bike gets less than 1 MPG.

ZsharkS says:

Great video

pedallin raw says:

Obviously never had a very bad crash then and had road rash all over you……get some sense brah!!! Many people will probably copy so set an example man!!

Brent D says:

SnowCats arms are as skinny as an 18 year old Asian females in this video.. lol

funkmasterflip says:

Oh look, lenwood/barstow.

lookcloser says:

what a bunch of knuckheads.

jason guzman says:

Hey this is my first comment on any of your videos but I think you’re freaking hilarious!! Anyway I wanted to comment on this one because I was wondering if jokingly you’ve ever tried to valet your bike? You should mess with a valet in the US and say that they do it all over Canada!!! Lol

march11stoneytony says:

There’s nothing greasier then a white man in a wife beater

TheHachebe says:

pretty sure taking selfies on a motorcycle on the highway is dangerous man 😛 and non of you are even wearing gear 🙂 do you know what thats like ? crashin at 60 mph ? without gear? i’d take getting shot in the face any time before i do that

JPZ16974 says:

you can lane split in Nevada, the rule is that the traffic in front of you must be going less than 15MPH.

Aayush Patel says:

700 dollar in gas, that sounds expensive lol

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