Vegas Vacation 2015! Lightning Storm + Pirate Ship, Monorail Ride Fun by HobbyKidsVids

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happy French


Juan Rod says:

yor my frend obi kids tive

Nolan And The Plushies says:

I was in a hurricane one time IT WAS INSANE!

Ricardo Limon Landeros says:

Hey hobby kids tv my favorite color is green just like hobby pig

OLIVIA Smitherson says:

What Was the hotels name i Was there too you didnt see me i Was working there and i still am working there

Dior Francis says:

i am mad

Kurdo Tahir says:

Cool limo ever duds

ashcharmayne says:


Weslie lavita says:

C ggfggdfcc cvd. Vvvvcvvfvvvfcvgfg vhtyvb. V. Vv v b b ffcvnrbhu rg ffgvvcgf.

Kearstin Thompson says:

I love the hobbykids

Adebanjo Adekunle says:


Sarah Stansauk says:

All the characters on the blanket were queen Omadala Honsolo Luke Skywalker princess Leia Chewbacca Darth Vader


was it fun are 9 year olds going to have fun

Rainbow Pusheen says:

hobby pig where did u get that shirt I want it also it cool

Yvette Guzmán says:

I. Like. Hobby qig

Yvette Guzmán says:

I. Like. Hobby qig

TheAnnFrances says:

WEEEEEE FOUND your hobby kid stickerrrrrrrrr

Brianna Hurley says:

Hobbykids, you will just sit inside the hotel seeing the monorails swim criss crossing the rail!!!!!

TheNjs781 says:

play roblox hobby

Delaney Kenerson says:


aleda chhea says:


Sharona Brasseaux says:

Hi Youtbe
My name is jazzy

David Butler says:


Lynne Nelmark says:

this is the most fabulous video ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ricardo Limon Landeros says:

Woah a party bus

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