What to do in Vegas | Daytime City Guide (part 1) VLOG

You may think you know Vegas, but do you really? It might surprise you to learn how much more Vegas has to offer than just the clubs and casinos! That’s really all I knew of, so we teamed up with our friends at Tastemade and Las Vegas to see what Vegas really is all about­. Let me tell you, it’s got LOTS to offer. From the incredible food to the fun little daytime excursions, Vegas has something for everyone.

Make sure you check out some (or all) of these spots next time you visit­ – you won’t be disappointed (and neither will your taste buds)!

Cheers! (P.S­ Vegas Nighttime edition coming soon!) #sponsored

Special Thanks:

Special Thanks to:
Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan
High Roller at The LINQ Promenade, Caesars Palace
Sprinkles at The LINQ Promenade, Caesars Palace
Buddy V’s Ristorante at The Venetian
Gondola Rides at The Venetian

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Kimock7 says:

is she special needs?

Brew and Feed says:

Smooth work!!

PCS Computers says:

all you did was eat .. so what

outsidergua says:

No prices or anything? meh

Dallon Thorup says:

Why is this the most annoying video

Natty Bohhh says:

These people are fucking dumb

MikeOnTheBox says:

Goes to a buffet, serves 1 round and ready for dessert? WTF?

bigdick heavyweight says:

she is hot but fuck me she is annoying as shit, could not watch it.

Mr. Exclusive says:

but how much did all that cost haha

JustJoe Bro says:

“Cant tell if you can tell where were at right now” ummmmm it says in the video title. SMH

HazardSports says:

Love that share face at 0:55 as you look him up and down – LMAOOO!!!!

KOHL GUY says:

That is so good !

neetfif says:

Wow these two are annoying as fck

Matthew Pollard says:

2 most fake and annoying people ever

Erick Von says:

this woman annoyed voice she have

krazyhorze777 says:

“We want to remember this meal” really??? 5 years from now you will be strolling through old pictures, and say. I remember this meal 5 from 5 years ago. It changed my life .

kas kaskak says:

Dont watch this if youre hungry.

HighTechTorres says:

it sounds like two fake ass news reporters trying to travel vlog… makes me sick!

Jordan Brewer says:

I hate both of these people so much….

keithskillz90210 says:

Oh God, this girl is AWFUL!

Tony Lopez says:

Bomb.com… lol

kemi2010 says:

Why all the haters for this video??!!?? Give them a break…. sheesh

Stanley says:

She is annoying. fake than a 3 dollar billl

Jen's Vegas Reviews says:

Wow amazing video!! You guys had a great trip in Vegas! I gotta get to Buddy Vs! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

mktking says:

the “wife” of the beard needs some BBC

Oh Sod it! says:

I bailed out on about 3 mins, this video is a giant cheese fest!!!

blackpsicosi1 says:

Guys, you go in Vegas to eat “italian” food and go on a gondola with an “italian” singing?

Venice would be cheaper and for sure more ITALIAN!
C’ mon!

Ps: yes, I am Italian.

Steve Salmon says:

fake fucks tryna get jobs

GingerJamerz says:

At first I was like, holy fuck she’s annoying. But then I realized that they both are, she’s just over the top.

Tensei says:

Thanks for the vid !

halfthefiber says:

“We’re gonna do things you’ve not thought of, or done before.”
Proceeds to eat at a buffet, buy vending machine cupcakes, ride cheesy tourist attractions, and eat at an Italian-American restaurant.

Really, now.

Flights Camera Action! says:

Loooove Vegas!!!

2010brandonf says:

God damn she’s annoying

pournamy p says:

wow.. Nice couple

Kev H says:

Really? Las Vegas invited you?

David mcgloan says:

I love vegas

undomiel152003 says:

So many more places to visit in Las Vegas which are not about food and are incredibly interesting and not expensive…this is just a paid commercial, nothing more.

Brittany Long says:

ehhhh lame

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