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whippoorwill says:

Guys I can understand where you’re coming from but only picking people who have sims gaming channels would be preaching to the choir so to speak. I think they were trying to expose new groups to it by peppering in other channels and influencers like Pixie that wouldn’t have heard about it otherwise.

Holly Cattle says:

I don’t know why I didn’t get notified for this video but good for you Jill, hope you had fun xoxo

Dorothy in Wonderland says:

I dropped off out of the sims 4 because it was very limiting creative wise a big step back from 3. I would love to play if they brought back some more stuff in the game to make it more personal

Lady Sopher says:

If you ever need a cat siter Cris is wonderful and goes to NBCCD(I don’t remember what program). He’s a friend of my sister and my cats love him. Hope you had fun in London.

Bubblestache says:

Shasha T says:

did you see vixella she look like you

ChicToast says:

Aww i just got a flashback to TheQuxxn if anyone remembers her 🙁 one of the first big simmers. She would’ve loved sims camp

B. C. Schmerker says:

+pixielocks *Looks as though ye could use a hot pink for your tips* in the form of L.A. Colors® Glows™ CNP184 “Gleaming.” Blends with the lips this vid.

glittabones says:


PrinceToxic says:

Pixiee as a fan of you I just going to say EA is know to overwork and under paid there employees (there was an article back about one of the employees wife complain about EA) they even got a lawsuit over overwork there employees. I know about this from study game development.

Mimi says:

i love sims so much?? like it’s the perfect game for me even when i don’t have a lot of time

The Artist's Corner says:

A YouTuber named Vixella made a sim on the Get Famous Sims4 and it looks just like you! You should check it out. It’s super freaky!

arcticrutherford says:

woah im so happy that u got an opportunity like this!! btw can u please try improving your lighting a bit, it looks darker than your older videos in the previous apartment 🙁

Violetta Leggio says:

so happy for you pixie! glad you had a good time and i love the vlogs!

Blue.berry. pancake says:

Maybe I should make a YouTube channel so I could maybe one day go to ea

morinomusume says:

So excitiiiiing

whippoorwill says:

Pixie seeing this happy is honestly the best, go get ’em queen.

Muffinn Glasur says:


LittleMissLatina27 says:

Liking and commenting on this video, even though I don’t play The Sims, because you are wonderful and deserve more of these amazing opportunities <3

Mika Leo A. says:

the soft pastel rainbow look is giving me a toothache!! so cute!!


No woohoo in the ball pit im dead

abby layne says:


Luna Rose says:


Alana B says:

Yessss I was so excited for you/ about this opportunity! So cool to see, I hope you had fun!

Whitn3yGrace says:

Pixie is so cute omg 🙂 LOVE U PIXIE

Sabrina Leggett says:

I can’t say I’m not the tiniest bit disappointed that you didn’t get to record the 8BitDylan proposal :p did you see it though?! Too precious!

Oi Boy says:

make a simself!!!!!!!

Kawaill Mîłk says:

Do you have a Instagram :3

flowerhag says:

lmao at all the salty comments, don’t let em get you down! you super deserved this trip and i’m so glad you got the opportunity dude~

Katonamatress says:

I absolutely love your style pixie/Jillian!! But I’m probably going to wait till school is over to live my happy pastel rainby life because I wore a shirt that said I want to be a magical girl in Japanese and …well it was not a good Monday for me.

Alex Petrusch says:

pleaseeeee do a haul

EmAndCece In Korea says:

No idea they had a Sims camp!

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