10 Things to do in Cambridge Travel Guide | London Day Trip

Join us as we take a London day trip by train to Cambridge, England where we cover as many things to do in Cambridge in terms of attractions as we possibly can in this travel guide. Our Cambridge travel guide focuses on visiting Cambridge University including Queens College, showcasing the epic punting scene, wandering around and enjoying delicious food before heading back to London in what was a busy day trip.

10 Things to do in Cambridge City Tour | England Travel Guide:

1) Intro and arriving at Kings Cross station to take the train from London to Cambridge – 00:01
2) Cambridge University Botanic Garden – 01:26
3) Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch (Steak and Ale Pie, Eggs Benedict, tea and a pint of Guinness at The Regal Wetherspoon Pub – 02:25
4) Punting in Cambridge on the River Cam – 04:36 and 05:59
5) University of Cambridge – 04:50
6) Queens’ College, Cambridge – 05:06
7) Church of St Mary the Great, Cambridge – 06:30
8) Views of Cambridge from the tower – 06:50
9) Trinity College, Cambridge – 07:40
10) Outro and train ride from Cambridge to London – 08:37

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Our visit Cambridge travel guide covers some of the top attractions including a food guide, top sightseeing tourist attractions and the city by day including visiting castles, colleges, museums and the university. We also cover off-the-beaten-path outdoor activities you won’t find in a typical Cambridge tourism brochure, Cambridge itinerary or Cambridge, England city tour.

10 Things to do in Cambridge Travel Guide | London Day Trip video transcript:

Today we are here at Kings Cross station and we are going on yet another day trip. Another one. Where are we off to? Another day trip from London. We’re off to Cambridge today.

There are a number of trains from Kings Cross to Cambridge with journeys ranging from 45 minutes to a little over an hour and a half. Buying your ticket in advance is always a good idea as you can get a better price, and it’s also wise to travel off peak.

If you decide to walk into town like we did, Cambridge University Botanic Garden makes for a nice little stop. The garden has over 8000 species.

It is lunchtime for us and we’ve walked over to the Regal. Apparently this used to be a hotel, then a cinema and now it is a pub. I’ve ordered breakfast and Sam is having lunch. I’m waiting for my eggs benedict and I think you’re having a Steak and Ale Pie? And a pint of Guinness

Feeling stuffed from that pub fare, we started making our way into town, and it wasn’t long before we came across the River Cam which was teaming with punters. Some made it look easy, while others were struggling, but we had a different idea and decided to go visit one of the colleges.

As a fun fact: The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209, just a few decades after Oxford University, making it the second oldest university in the English-speaking world. It is divided into 31 independent colleges, and our first one of the day was Queens College.

The most popular thing to do here in Cambridge aside from of course exploring the University is to go punting. It is very crowded out there.

So next up we’re inside the Great Saint Mary’s Church and we’re going to be climbing the tower because apparently these are the best views of all of Cambridge. We like to climb towers.

The spiralling staircase is quite narrow and it has to accommodate traffic going up and down, which requires being a contortionist at times, but that’s how you earn those views!

Next up we are doing Trinity College and this is the largest college here at Cambridge University and also it was founded by Henry VIII.

That is basically it for our travel guide from Cambridge. I feel like we barely put a dent in Cambridge. We are back at the station just waiting for our train now back to London.

This is part of our Travel in England video series showcasing British food, British culture and British cuisine.

Music by DJ Quads: https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads


warrenandyiching says:

Thank you for that travel guide to Cambridge. Just got back from England myself and we only had time to see Oxford. We did a guided walking tour. I would highly recommend one for other travelers because it gives you historical context for all those beautiful buildings you are seeing.

EinkOLED says:

Please visit york, in yorkshire.

chubachuxhu says:

Love you guys!!!!

Ayngelina Brogan says:

I hadn’t checked into your channel in SO long and just watched this and LOVED it! I’m getting back into video after two years and you both really inspired me.

Joseph Nehme says:

Have a speedy recovery…

Sana Kotnis says:

Nice video

Stockavision says:

Cambridge is. Like hell on earth

Esra Alhamal says:

That’s cool! I still haven’t been to the Botanical Garden in Cambridge so that’s a good reminder. I also need to do my Cambridge video ASAP! lol

Martin Hall says:

I have lived in Cambridge all my life and have never been to the Botanical Gardens, but after watching your video I will now. Get well soon. xx

Ardisha says:

I wanna go back theeeeeeeeere

Watford Fc says:

Hope you enjoyed London as that’s my home and I like to see tourists having a great time , all the best

ShaolinDreams says:

Have you done The Netherlands yet?

YOKL says:

Hope you getting better soon Audrey and Samuel. Great and very interesting video. If you have time feel free to watch my latest vlog from Bangkok 🙂

rotitelor says:

How was the sweaty armpit odor climbing up the tower? That is my biggest fear climbing narrow stairs, having to smell sweaty armpits from the masses.

Utopía says:

Are you ate in The Wetherspoons? I think I can recognize that plates hahaha. I liked so much your video and the way you are showing it. We were in Cambridge few days ago as well and we recorder a video for our channel. Would you like to watch it? Thanks and we are following you guys! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sl6c2zIQ0Ew

Bill Green says:

Sorry you weren’t feeling well. Thanks for featuring Cambridge but as Audrey said you barely scratched the surface of everything you can see here. Cambridge, to me, is the center of the Universe when it comes to modern history because of all the people who were associated with the University.

Charles Williamson says:


Samantha Williams says:

Cannot wait for Wales it’s such a fantastic country and the landscape and culture is totally different from England I think you will enjoy it!

Chase The Horizon says:

The Regal is a Wetherspoins btw

Space Shadow says:

What is it with Sam and Jodphur anyway? – Anyway, the English weather was obviously killing you both off, hoping you are back on track again soon……:-)

Alpine.Trails says:

For some reason when I search for a travel destination I find videos from you guys. Very useful and well made. So I finally subscribed.

Katie Nemaric says:

you both seem like such nice people. Subscribed

Anand Srivatsan says:

How many countries have you guys been to?

marius smerea says:

Hello Sam &Audrey!!!! How are you guys? I watching you….thanx

Ashley Dixon says:

Defo Wetherspoons

Because We Camp says:

Hi guys! Congrats on almost reaching 100k! One question regarding CC. Are you doing this manually, or are you paying something to help out? Thanks in advance! -Noah

JӦYの貓 says:

Hope all is well! Thanks for these. I’ve only been to London but not the outside cities

ConnollyCove says:

More than amazing video..Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Chris smith says:

I’ve never been to Cambridge, Though living close to Oxford would like to see how they compare

g pap says:

get well soon , both of you .

Mylon Ash says:

You two are in character even when sick. I enjoyed watching all the ins and outs of your trip to Cambridge. You two have one of the best travel channels on YouTube in addition to THE best Instagram pages @ thatbackpacker (almost 25K well-nourished followers) and nomadicsamuel (almost 3K starving followers …show Sam some love!). AWESOMENESS! Thank you for everything.

MrRobbiemoo says:

Get well soon guys, hope you have fun in wales

Leon Pennington says:

Well thats another 5 and a half stone ive put on :p

marius smerea says:


YouTubeSearch ToxicVaccines ToxicFluoride, HIV HOAX says:

Was that a one way, or a return ticket for £16 ?

Dave Warren says:

I eat a handful of raw cranberries every day and I rarely get sick

Louis Y says:

Feel better guys. Love Cambridge. Nice job

The Raj says:

I don’t know if you guys take suggestions but l would like if you check out Malta. It’s a place i haven’t seen a lot of in-depth travel videos on

tallthinkev says:

The Regal? Good God. I wouldn’t even call it a pub and then the Granta? Nothing personal but you two are amongst the 6,000,000 other tourists, in a town of 80,000, we cant handle it anymore.

Donelle Gilbert says:

So sorry you were both ailing while in England. That’s got to be tough while traveling. Hoping you get well and stay healthy!! Love your vids!!!

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