10 Tips for an AWESOME trip to London – “Matt’s Travel Tips”

Travel Host of “Anywhere But Fargo,” Matt Owen gives you his 10 tips for how to visit London like a Mother Lovin’ Wizard.


Bluci T says:

Been there and it was the best place I’ve been. Expensive place to visit, but it’s worth it. Experience is priceless

Pavel Pekun says:


Janice Marchbank says:

Loved your video! Wished I had seen it before I had gone to London in April. I was “disappointed” that I didn’t see any Spotted Dick on the dessert menu’s. lol

Carlo Salinas says:

Dude, great London first visit primer! Need to see you do a travel show man, you’re the dog’s bollocks! (So good!!!)

praveen sharma says:


darbuka01 says:

Do not STAY in generator in London! The heat was not working in January and i almost froze to death, the only thing that is nice about that hostel is the location.

Eduardo R says:

Great tips 🙂

mike04535 says:

British beer is not strangely warm. Lagers are ice cold whilst British ales and craft beers are stored at a slightly higher temperature because that is how they are intended to be. By the way, Marleybone should read Marylebone..

Usman Sheikh says:

London is Awesome…!!!

dbsill cockney says:

Warm beer?? Come on man don’t spread false stereotypes. Nice vid btw

monkatha7 says:

lol helpfull

ritorno100 says:

Alternative viewing platform to St Paul’s cathedral is Westminster Cathedral (not Westminster abbey) near Victoria station. Just 6 pounds entry and no entry fee for the cathedral which isn’t that old but is awesome in its own way with fantastic mosaics and one of the world’s best choirs if you’re into that.

Mia Phoenix says:

Awesome video! 🙂

panographic says:

funny! I am rolling on the floor

Abdulrahman Ahmed says:

and only go to the London eye in the night. it is amazing and romantic

Alan Mac says:

That was excellent!

TheRenaissanceman65 says:

Why are you doing an attempted Australian accent over Tip #6? And why can’t you spell Marylebone? Yes I know we pronounce it Marleybone but really…

But seriously, nice appreciation of my city, and as for #10, get an A-Z map so when you get REALLY lost, you can find yourself again.

19mad92 says:

amazing video! Thank you 🙂

Benjamin Bradley says:

Why do all Americans doing English accents sound like Oliver Twist on crack?

skyblue1924 says:

I enjoyed that

Aaron O says:

Such an adorable Yankee

ritorno100 says:

Great video and the best Dick Van Dyke impression I’ve ever heard!

David Jackson says:

If you had warm beer you must have gone to a crap pub.

Liz DeStefano says:

I cant wait! Ive veen dying to go for a VERY long time and I’ll get to go Next year 2018! Aweeeee almost here! Sometime at the end of May or during the summer!

James Chuaycham ป้อม ศักดิ์ชัย says:

Nice vid Matt!

I have never been to EU and I will love to see London and Paris for a start.


George Bennett says:

As a Londoner born n bred, I have to say, of all the many videos of London for tourists on YouTube yours is by far the best. Cheers!

jp bituin says:

Ive seen alot of Vlog and this one is just AWESOME!! nice choice of sound tracks also. Thanks for making this video

ohemgeejackie says:

Hi Matt! Love your videos; they’re so authentic. I’m taking a trip to London + France in December and was wondering if you had any tips for the latter as well. 🙂

NJ Katakiya says:

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Meagan Cook says:

Going to London April 1st! (:

NJ Katakiya says:

hello sir give me anwear

hiren maru says:

Great video! How clean is London?

Amy F says:

Funny and useful. I’ve been browsing youtube for london tips. Most of it is people who are living abroad. I’m not packing heels and skirt for a week in london -_-

Alex says:

Awesome video! I’m going on a guided trip where there will be time for about a day and half to explore. Would you recommend just getting lost or actually plan ahead to see what I can?

Airport Info HQ says:

0:51 TIP 1. Borough Market
1:15 TIP 2. Eye Don’t Think So
1:57 TIP 3. Tower of London
2:42 Tip 4. Mind the Gap
3:17 Tip 5. Drink on the Street
3:22 TIP 6. Stuff Your Face
4:14 TIP 7. British Museum
4:50 TIP 8. Won’t You Be My Neighbor?
5:30 TIP 9. London Esssspensive
5:55 TIP 10. Get Lost
Nice video!Thanks for sharing.

Watched Walker says:

Enjoyed the video (and the humour), London is a great city to just walk around and explore, so many interesting areas.

I create walking tour videos on YouTube (no commentary, just the sights and sounds), mainly featuring London. These may be useful to anyone thinking about visiting London, to get an idea of good locations to visit and useful routes to walk 🙂

Paola Gutiérrez says:

When i visited London a few years ago the most i remembered was: “This is a Piccadilly line service to Cockfosters” XD

Alex Shin says:

Omg so little views and subscribers! How much time did you spend in London?

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