15 Things to do in Oxford Travel Guide | Day Trip from London, England

Join us as we take a day trip from London, England to Oxford showcasing some of the top attractions and things to do in Oxford for those just visiting for the day. We cover Oxford University, colleges, botanical gardens and castles just to name a few while enjoying some classic pub food and afternoon tea.

15 Things to do in Oxford City Tour | England Travel Guide:

Intro – 00:01
1) Bus ride from London to Oxford – 00:30
2) Pub food in Oxford (Fish and Chips and Apple Crumble) – 02:19
3) Shopping in Oxford – 05:02
4) Visiting the University of Oxford in Oxford, England – 05:42
5) Trinity College, Oxford – 06:04
6) Radcliffe College and Bodleain Library – 06:58
7) University Church of St Mary the Virgin – 07:06
8) Christchurch Meadow Walk – xxx
9) Punting in Oxford – 07:50
10) University of Oxford Botanic Garden – 08:31
11) Afternoon Tea with scones – 09:30
12) Bridge of Sighs in Oxford – 11:20
13) Eating fudge – 11:34
14) Oxford Castle – 12:43
15) Ashmolean Museum – 13:19
Outro – 13:44

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Our visit Oxford travel guide covers some of the top attractions including a food guide, top sightseeing tourist attractions and the city by day including visiting castles, colleges, museums and the university. We also cover off-the-beaten-path outdoor activities you won’t find in a typical Oxford tourism brochure, Oxford itinerary or Oxford, England city tour.

15 Things to do in Oxford Travel Guide | Day Trip from London, England video transcript:

Good morning here in London. Today we are taking a day trip. Yes, we sure are. And we’re heading off to Oxford. I mean this is obviously a destination that is quite famous. The most famous University in the world.

It is not far from London. So it is a day trip. We’re really excited. We’re going to film a travel guide to Oxford.

A couple of tips to keep in mind if you’re traveling by bus. It is usually cheaper if you book in advance. Also, we noticed that weekdays were cheaper than weekends so we are going on a Friday today and got a good deal.

We made it. We have arrived and that was an awesome trip. We got to see London and the countryside.

Food always comes first. We’re about food always. We cannot go sightseeing without a bite of food. We found a pub that is nice and cozy. We’re right in the corner and this place apparently specializes in fish and chips.

The University of Oxford has no known foundation date but teaching of some form has taken place here since the year 1096 making it the oldest University in the English speaking world. Today the University is made up for 38 self-governing colleges a few of which are open to visitors.

So one of the things you can do when you visit Oxford is go around and tour the different colleges. We paid two pounds and now we’re inside Trinity College.

Trinity College was founded in 1555 and it’s one of the smallest colleges in Oxford admitted just over 400 students. This college has produced some noteworthy figures, including a few prime ministers.

We also saw had a quick glance at Radcliffe College and the Bodleain Library, before continuing on to the University Church.

This is the oldest Botanic Garden in Great Britain and it was originally founded as a medicinal garden. The Garden was also frequently visited by Lewis Carroll, an Oxford mathematics professor, and the gardens were a source of inspiration for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Oxford Castle is a partly ruined Norman castle dating back to Medieval times. During the 18th century it housed the local prison, but today those same walls are home to a hotel.

So I think that is a wrap for our day trip to Oxford. Time to catch our bus. We’re tired but we’ve done the main things we wanted to do. I hope you guys enjoyed this travel guide to Oxford and that it gives you a good idea of how you can kind of explore the city on a day trip from London. If you can come for longer because we wish we had 2 or 3 days here.

This is part of our Travel in England video series showcasing British food, British culture and British cuisine.

Music by DJ Quads: https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads


Donald Donaldson says:

My hometown!!!!!!!! Also I think that was curry sauce with the fish n chips.

Next time you go; you have to visit a rooftop bar and see over the whole city, it’s awesome

Seth Dominick says:

Please promise to never use this music again in any of your future videos. Thanks in advance!

Simon NES says:

This video is amazing. It was so much fun to watch it thank you very much for making it

OSL2311 says:


Phantom Forces Snipes says:

Wow I never knew that where I live is so famous

Helen says:

There is no Radcliffe college that’s the library

africa93 says:

it’s the radcliffe CAMERA you degenerate fucks

Isaac Wright says:

Samuel you sound too funny saying “quid”

Srijan Chandrakar says:

Awesome video and your hairstyle remind me tintin

ShaolinDreams says:

19 quid… lol you already know some of the lingo

IAN WARD says:

I grew up in N.Oxford but have lives in S.E.Spain for 30 yes now. This brought back so many memories.Well edited with a nice flow. I used to skip High Shcool & hide in the Ashmolean Museum. The Castle was just ruins. We used to sneak into a Crypt under the Mound when I was a Teenager & have Parties in there. That wouldn´t be possible now ! Thanks so much for this.

MrRobbiemoo says:

After following you guys traveling round the world it seems so weird to see you traveling by tube in my home town, London :). Hope you guys have a great time in the UK. If you are still in the UK Stratford Upon Avon, home of Shakespeare’s is a good place for a day or overnight trip from London

Driven home says:

Very good cinematography. Great vid.. tks.

Leon Pennington says:

That is delicious!!!!! LMFAO

Leon Pennington says:

The music makes me laugh!!!!!! :p

andgainingspeed says:

Is there anything else in Sam’s wardrobe that Audrey is anxious to throw out?

Solar India says:

Samuel thanks for your vedio and i plan to be there for a day trip in this month of May and then plan to travel to Birmingham ……here i like to mention that i like your T shirt mentioning JAIPUR ……hehehe – should have enjoyed the hustle bustle of Jaipur along with some good history sightseeings 🙂

Mike Perrin says:

When in Rome, pick up your fish in your hands to allow the locals to study invasive animal behaviour. Heinous. The Grand Cafe is famous for having no ventilation. The Vaults and Garden is the place to have tea and scones. I recommend the black currant jam.

Anar Key says:

Wig and Pen on George Street. Really not the best place to eat or drink really. Akin to eating in a Weatherspoons. But appreciate it is close to the station and convenient. Not sure about Fish and Chips but Cowley or Jericho have some of the best bars and restaurants if you are visiting Oxford. About a 10-15 minute walk from the station.

leila hellier says:

a lovely day trip guys I live in London and have never been to Oxford my grandfather studied there, thanks for the vlog I am planning to go there before the winter sets in

Mel and Jona Travel says:

Awesome, how long are you guys in London for?

Dawid Dudek says:

ive seen some weirdos in Oxford, dirt, and too many people with dozens of dogs shitting everywhere that is Oxford hahaha

Space Shadow says:

Really enjawed dis won, guys – almost like the bad old days of YT-yore when you were still dirt poor and restless novices – Sam’s enjoyment of the word “quid” was priceless – just realized, if it weren’t for your YT-channel, you would never be able to remember where you had been – must remember that…..:-)

Mark Derby says:

Yay you are in the UK, gave a great time! Really enjoy your Vlogs.

Captain Franco says:

Aw, divine decadence! Thankyou lovely peops for sharing this. I used to live there and I miss it so it’s so comforting to take this virtual trip.

Jennelyn Natividad says:

Hi Audrey and Samuel! I just stumbled onto your Cambridge day trip video which quickly led me to this one and needless to say, I’m now a big fan of your work. Thank you for such stellar quality travel videos. Please, could you share how you booked your bus trip to Oxford? Is it with a private company like Evan Evans or such, or with the public system? Thanks in advance.

Griff Mustard says:

How are you guys not FAT ??? I simply look at food too hard, and I put on weight. I want to be a foodie, but I can’t !!!

Iain Banks says:

Glad to see you guys doing some more reviews back here in the UK, Maybe a London video coming up soon? Cheers

Peter McIver says:

I’m off to Oxford for the day on Monday
I now know where I’m going for lunch and what I’m having
And where I’m having my cream tea before I get the coach home
I wanted to do the town hall tour but it’s only on some Saturdays so I’ll be back on August 4th for the next one

Julie Goodwin says:

Just love all your videos, so inspiring! I’ve now put Kyrgyzstan and Poland on my list!

Fatoma Fatom says:

Please, can you provide me with information on how to enter Oxford? I need it very much because I am not a foreigner. I am an Arab. I did not understand anything from the video, but I need this information. Please provide me with it

Denise Gale says:

Did you guys stay in the uk long, if so where did you visit?

Let's Explore and Travel says:

Love England!

travelman1983 says:

If you love fish and chips, next time you are in the UK head to Cheltenham, a beautiful spa town a short distance from Oxford. Simpsons Cheltenham has won awards for having the best fish and chips in the UK.

africa93 says:

this couple sucks

Isaac Wright says:

I’ve followed you guys for ages and I didn’t realise you’ve been to my hometown. You’ve made the mundane (for me) look fun and exciting!

toro jefe says:

audrey como eres bella ..soy un enamorado desde brasil..sam tiene mucha surte…lo que pasa que ele tiene que mimarte mucho …y eres muy mandona como toda leo y orgullosa…pero tienes muchas cualidades ..el tiene
buen gusto

Bill Green says:

This is one of your best videos yet and I’ve been watching your videos for quite some time. I love the history of England. I’m hoping we’ll see a video of you two visiting Cambridge.

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