16 Things You Have to do in LONDON!

Hey Everyone!

Here’s 16 Things You Have to do in LONDON! Greece videos coming right up! Hope you enjoy 🙂

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LotsOfOz says:

The London eye is shit, as john lydon once said “It’s just a big ugly bicycle wheel, blow it up”.

Rik P says:

Awesome video! Always nice to see an individuals fav places in London or any city they visit.

santosh shetty says:

I like your video n ur cuteness.

British-Aussie Lover says:

I recommend going to other major cities in England like Birmingham and Manchester as well as small villages in the countryside. London is almost like a separate country in some ways when you compare it to elsewhere.

Mathilde Karolina-Franciska Andersen says:

Why am I watching this, I live here! :3

Lazy Honda says:

London Bridge Song obviously sweat heart you know what you are bragging about Its is a nursery rhyme with rather dark history

Airport Info HQ says:

0:54 2. Ride a London Bus
1:19 3. Visit Covent Garden
2:14 4. Westminster Abbey
2:53 5. Houses of Parliament
3:35 6. Gelato at Gelupo
3:55 7. Snack at Chinatown
4:20 8. London Bridge
4:53 9. London Eye
5:44 10. Broadway Market
5:57 11. Borough Market
6:15 12. Churchill War Rooms
7:01 13. Harrods
8:05 14. TopShop Oxford Circus
8:27 15. Portobellord Market
8:49 16. Brixton
Wonderful video!Thanks for sharing.

Livys Video stars x says:

Did they way she said burried bother anyone else?

Hammer 103 says:

Why am i wacthing this?I live in londan still love it tho

Sahon Sarma says:


Apps& Documents says:

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Blondie Fabricante says:

Harrods is a Luxury store Right ?

Morgansaurus X says:

Im going to london to get my french passport.

Takuma Mcdade says:

To sum up London:Roadmen

Shifa shaikh says:

But my country is best( japan)…!!!

Luke says:

I hardly ever go to London because I live in Leicestershire and I cba to travel for 2 hours (unless it’s Thorpe Park…)

Max Metodiev says:

What about picadilly circus

Emma Van den berg says:

Really nice vid

Big Mike says:

If she didn’t go to Camden market then she really missed out I think it’s the best market in London by far!! And Hamleys too you have to go Hamleys lol

Mia Hh says:

I think the tallest building at 4:47 is the sky garden , you have to go there it’s amazing!

Wei Yang Tan says:

are u from singapore?

Maz Amd says:

A few things to add. The changing of the guard is at 11am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Currently, Big Ben isn’t ringing as it’s under maintenance. The London Eye really isn’t worth it if you’re on a budget. Also check out Brick Lane/Spitalfields markets if you want a less tourist market. Also check out St Paul’s cathedral which you can go up into. The British library and British Museum are both amazing. Avoid Maddame Tussauds.

Bethany Sian says:

‘Hi guys, I’m on a bus.’

Ch Muslim Mukhtar says:

The title should be
16 shit things you can do in London

Björn Amberfält says:

Wonderful city!!

Katherine Nelson says:

Thank you so much for giving the prices! You are a time saver!!

TheEtruscanhorse says:

Re-assuring to know that even the tube stations are all connected !

Maleeha Zulfiqar says:

Oh God u missed Windsor Castle and kew gardens…..

peter tuann says:

nice, but Churchill was not struggling against the war, the British were being bombed almost daily, and fighting the Germans.

Martijn H says:

You filmed on the one sunny day in London! 😀

Michelle Ducharme says:

Going to London for the first time in September!!

Candy Slut says:

London is sooooooooooo fucking boring this place is a shithole
I know I fucking live here

M. Waqas says:

Churchill War Rooms looks really interesting. Definitely gonna check it out when I’m in London in 2 weeks!

ElizaXoX says:


Karl Salisbury says:

Top thing to do in “Londeen”. Learn the correct names of things and how to pronounce them properly and not refer to everything as “The”.

Ad Ad says:

I love your lipstick..such juicy color!!

Paul Briody says:

What a lovely personal guide, makes me want to go to London NOW!

Reeze Vlog says:

I’ve lived in London half of my life, best is to avoid these tourist areas….. there’s so much to really see London…

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